Stay In A Lumberjack Cabin In The Middle Of A Forest, Right Here In Sakleshpur

Hulivana Resort


Hulivana Resort is a secluded resort in Sakleshpur located right in the middle of the forest, 11km away from any civilisation. Pick a villa, stay in a basic tent or even chill in a lumberjack style cabin.

Call Of The Wild

Right in the middle of the forest lies Hulivana, a resort amidst greenery, waterfalls and the melody of birds, animals and insects. So this is a resort you can take your family, SO, and friends to or even fly solo. Accessible only on horseback {you can ride in style} or by a jeep, you reach Hulivana and are immediately captivated by the beauty around you. The area around where the resort lies was earlier an old tiger gathering ground apparently. You’re on the third-highest peak in Karnataka, the Jenkalbetta, so don’t forget your camera!

Nearby, there’s a waterfall, a stream, and a spring, so the sounds of rushing water or a flowing stream are common. The exterior of the villas and cabin is minimal, made of rock, wood and bricks, which is exactly what a house in the woods should be. Inside, there’s some seating and a fireplace to laze and get cosy next to. The food is traditional Malnad cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and you also have a self-cooking facility available. Breakfast ranges from toast and jam to dosa and vada. You can even fire up the barbeque! The windows are broad French windows, with good views to wake up to. There is also a gazebo outside where you can sit and read a book.

From Villas To Lumberjack Cabins

The resort has two villas {can house upto five} and another lumberjack cabin. The villas have all the basic amenities and linen provided, along with attached bathrooms.The lumberjack cabin can accommodate three people and has a common bathroom. You can even stay in tents here, but those have to be in season {from October to May}. The villas cost INR 3,500 a night, and the tents INR 2,750. But, rates are subject to change according to the season. Each room has a spectacular view of the forest or even a pond nearby.

Birdwatching & Stargazing

When you’re here, you can do a spot of birdwatching and catch sight of the Rufous Treepie, which has a loud call. You can also check out the resort’s apiary {where beehives are kept} or even stargaze. There is aqua zorbing and water sports including jet skiing, kayaking and wind surfing, available just an hour and a half away. If you want to, you can take a mountain bike and ride through the forest. And most of all, this is paradise for photographers and nature lovers. You can also go on treks, with a choice of one or two-day trips into the wilderness.

Hulivana Resort