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This Highway Paratha Place Is A Perfect Pit Stop On A Day Trip Or Late Night Drive

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Planning a day trip to somewhere on the outskirts of Bangalore? Well then pair your long drive with a paratha pit stop at the Indian Paratha Company. Located on the Bangalore Hyderabad Highway and just ten minutes away from KIAL, the restaurant offers stuffed parathas and good old north Indian khana. 


When Paratha Meets Pizza

Let your inner north Indian come out and start off  with Indian Paratha Company’s selection of stuffed parathas. While you will find all the regular aloo, mooli and methi parathas, our pick would be the Samosa Aloo Paratha and the Achari Masti Paratha. Looking for a complete meal? Then order up heavy duty dal makhani and paneer butter masala with your parathas. For those who love their munchies, you and your crew can also enjoy Bangalore’s amazing weather while snacking on some hot pakoras and lassi at their comfortable outdoors seating area.

If you love cheese, then don’t miss out on their Aloo Cheese Paratha, because these guys are pretty generous with their cheese. The restaurant also does a paratha-meets-pizza kind of dish and they creatively call it the Parathzza. Expect flavours such as aloo cheese, Chettinad, soya kheema and paneer tikka. 

Budget Safe

If you order smartly here you can easily indulge in a hearty Punjabi meal for under INR 250. One of our favourite dishes on the menu definitely has to be their classic Aloo Paratha which comes for just INR 90. You can also dig into some Dal Makhani for INR 150. They serve their sinful Aloo Cheese Paratha for INR 125 and some refreshing butter milk for just INR 60. All parathas are served with a side of pickle, onions, and chutneys. 


Guys, Indian paratha Company remains open till 1 in the night. Late night drive + parathas anyone? And they open at 7am, so early morning drive and breakfast can happen too.