Just Shawarma Lets You D-I-Y Your Own Shawarma With Unlimited Extra Fries And Sauce

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Oozing with toum {a traditional Lebanese garlic sauce that we can’t get enough of}, Just Shawarma does only four kinds of shawarma, but they are so good. Especially the D-I-Y one.

Chow Down

Shawarma On Your Plate and Whole Meat Shawarma

Sip On

Well, they don’t serve any beverages but you’re welcome to bring your own!

Winning For

The smiling faces of the staff, the extra French fries {more on that below} in your shawarma and the delish Toum. And all of this comes under INR 100 only!

Lowdown On The Ambience

Located in different parts of the city, Just Shawarma may not have the best ambience due to their lack of seating but they definitely make up for that with their food, low prices and welcoming staff. The Koramangala branch which we visited is more of an eat-and-go kind of place. So don’t go looking for an ambience here. 

Shawarma On A Plate! What?

Yes, they deconstruct your shawarma and give it to you on a plate.  The kuboos or pita bread comes on a plate with the sliced pieces of marinated and grilled chicken, to be rolled together with French fries and the garlicky toum. Add in crunchy onions for an added effect. And we haven’t even come to the best part yet! Guys, as long as you are eating your meal here you can keep asking for extra fries and the dip. How can it get better that that!

The Whole Meat Shawarma  is a standard roll but with more chicken and onions, if you want to double up on your protein intake. They also have the JS Shawarama {the regular roll}, and the Malgoum {chicken shawarma wrapped in a flaky Kerala paratha with cheese}. 

So We Are Thinking…

We’d say go here to definitely try the Shawarma On A Plate. After all who doesn’t like to DIY according to their taste.