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Seshadripuram Folks, Get Your Mumbai Swag On With Goli Soda, Vada Pav And Dabeli At This Eatery

    Sheshadripuram, Bangalore


    Bored of the usual street foods? Hit up Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada Pav Corner for a dose of Maharashtra and Gujarat. They have some authentic Kacchi Dabeli or load up on utterly butterly Vada Pav.

    Butter Them Up

    Started by a tailor who learned the art of making these snacks out of sheer boredom, Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada Pav Corner takes pride in the record for serving the fastest food. Apparently, you’ll get your food in just two minutes, so you never have to wait. When we explored, we were proved right about getting food swiftly, albeit it wasn’t two minutes. The menu is plastered on its counter and boasts of a few variations of the vada pav and dabeli. We had the Samosa Pav, which was Bombay-style samosas stuffed between the fluffly pav, as well as Pav Bhaji {which was spicy but was countered by the bread}. You can also grab a Masala Thumps Up or Goli Soda to go along with your food. It’s also a great throwback to the streets of Bombay, or better still Chowpatty.


    Mumbai In Bangalore

    While we think it is rather authentic to Mumbai’s versions of both the vada pav and dabeli, you may find it a bit too sweet. Especially the Kacchi Dabeli that is stuffed with dry fruits, peanuts and smothered in butter. But they serve it with a spicy chutney, so it’s like the perfect balance. And at INR 25 per piece, it’s easy on the pocket, and makes for the ideal snack if you’re moseying about in the area anyway.

      Sheshadripuram, Bangalore