Bold Or Regular: Get Roast And Ground Coffee From This Homegrown Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

OK, I get it, you love artisan coffee. So do I. But let’s face it, we’re not the best at knowing what to pick. No shame, y'all. Live and learn! Especially when kindly, Kafeido will sort that out for you. Aiminng to source the best coffee from across the globe (though currently mostly India) so you can easily buy it, these folks try and bring you a range of beans with different flavours, origins, and intensities. And that too across brands. And now you can get it on LBB!  

Pick from Monsoon Malabar which is their in-house coffee, and my favourite. Especially if you're new to artisan coffee drinking. Or perhaps switch it up to Kaskemane Estate peaberry which is a lovely medium roast that goes down nice and smooth. Plus, it has hints of cocoa which is always good. 

There is even the option of ordering Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold - a rather strong one, with a hint of mocha too. 

Check them out for pour over coffee in different blends, and even a quick-to-make coffee ideal for those who are new to good coffee. Once you graduate a bit, try them all and then pick your favourite thereafter. 


You can pick from whole beans, medium, coarse and fine grinds just before you check out. Just remember what kind you need, based on what you use to make coffee.