Nolen Gur To Falsa: This Kolkata-Based Ice Cream Chain Does Desi Flavours

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What Makes It Awesome

Kolkata-based Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle offers a huge selection of ice creams including some really interesting flavours from Bengal such as Calcutta Paan and Nolen Gur. This joint is for those who love ice cream and especially the interesting flavours the joint has to offer. The HSR Layout outlet with its minimal seating is a hotspot for some cold delights but to avoid crowding, we suggest you to either place an order through online food delivery platforms or to take a parcel. 

Pabrai’s Calcutta Paan and Nolen Gur are the flavours of our choice. The Calcutta Paan flavour comes with hints of saunf (fennel) and betel leaves in one single scoop with a sweet cooling aftertaste. The Nolen Gur, however, is their signature flavour. Made out of date palm jaggery found only in West Bengal, the Nolen Gur ice cream scoop comes drizzled with a jaggery sauce too. This one is just heavenly as the sweet isn’t overpowering allowing you to pick out the taste of the palm jaggery. 

Now if you want to stick to the usual fruit flavours, they will have seasonal specials like mango and litchi but we suggest you to go for the falsa, a sweet and sour fruit which has its own distinct flavour. You can even opt for the Honey Dew Melon which has its natural sweetness and a welcoming floral aroma of the fruit itself. Pabrai’s also has Indian sweet and spiced flavours if you plan on getting a wee adventurous. The ice creams start from INR 67 and go upto INR 111 per scoop depending on the flavour. They even have 500ml family packs priced around INR 300.


If you're confused with their array of new fruits and flavours, ask the staff. They are friendly and go into great detail, explaining the flavours and letting you try them.