Eclairs, Macaroons, Tiramisu Or Cheesecake: Lavonne Is Dessert Paradise

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Lavonne is Indiranagar is great for its desserts, chill atmosphere and cute bake shop that sells baking essentials too.

Chow Down

Black forest eclair, apple pie

Sip On

Hot chocolate, cappuccino

Winning For

Peaceful ambience, tasty desserts and excellently made drinks. The service is also top-notch!

Lowdown On The Ambience

Lavonne is located just off Double Road, so it’s a quiet part of Indiranagar — not too many cars zooming by, so sitting outside is a great option. The number of tables available are limited, as people seem to come and sit for hours on end, either chatting or doing work. The inside seating is also quite charming, although we found it a little bright.

Sweet Touch

You’re going to have to go to the counter to place your order, since most of their eatables are pastries. The presentation of everything, from eclairs to mousses, was impeccable so we felt a bit spoiled for choice. We ordered a Black Forest Eclair {which is new to their menu, and we grabbed the last piece}, as well as an Apple Pie. To drink we settled on a Hot Chocolate and a Cappuccino.

The Eclair was excellent — it was absolutely stuffed with smooth chocolate cream, and the pastry was delicate without being too soggy. The Apple Pie was also very well done — it was perfectly crumbly on the outside and moist on the inside, and not the least bit saccharine. The drinks were by far our favourites, though. The Hot Chocolate was rich and creamy, and the Cappuccino was strong enough to give us a bit of a coffee rush! And they seem to have perfected their coffee to milk ratio, so kudos.

Bake It Up

Since Lavonne is also a baking school, it only makes sense that the cafe also stocks some top-notch baking accessories — from fondant in every colour, to cutters and even high quality rollers and mixers, if you’re a professional or casual baker you’ll love their little selection. The prices are also extremely reasonable.

So We're Thinking...

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to hit up and chat after a hectic dinner on 100 Feet Road, Lavonne should be your go-to dessert spot.


For those unfortunate enough to not like dessert, they do really good sandwiches, chicken or mushroom pies and a few tarts too.