Brioche Buns To Juicy Patties: This New Burger Joint In The City Hits The Spot

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What Makes It Awesome

For us, a good burger has buns that hold the juicy patty well and comes with just the right amount of condiments and toppings. Louis Burger, Zorawar Kalra's new cloud kitchen, does exactly that and a bit more. Louis Burger started first in Mumbai, before opening in Delhi, and now Bangalore is the next city that gets to order craft burgers from them. We were sent a few burgers to try out and we stuck to chicken and vegetarian variants (there are four options including a vegan one), but there's buff and lamb on the menu too. 

First impressions, good packaging -- the burgers were neatly wrapped, so they arrived intact. We had the Classic Chicken Burger, Grilled AF Chicken Burger, KFC Korean Fried Chicken Burger, and Vegan Gratitude Burger along with some Onion Rings, OG Fries, and Fried Wings. One thing all of us unanimously agreed on where how good the soft brioche buns were. And how good they held the burgers. The vegetarians gave thumbs up to the soft patty with sweet potato flavour being something they liked. Plus the panko crumb-coated soft patty consists of refried beans and beets. 

The KFC's patty was crispy and juicy, and this writer who had it would have personally preferred more of the Gochujang.  Juicy patty was the highlight of the Classic Chicken Burger and Grilled AF Chicken Burger. The Grilled AF comes with aged English cheddar. These single-serve burgers are filling and one thing we all agreed on was that the burgers need to come with a side of fries (the burgers and fries are sold separately). Speaking of fries, these are thick house cut fries, so definitely order them. 

We are definitely going to order the Smash Lamb Burger next. And the Truffle Shroom Burger. You can order these burgers via Swiggy with delivery in Central Bangalore, Koramangala, Indiranagar, and Whitefield.  


Louis Burger also has OTT premium signature burgers you can order if you want to indulge yourself -- Truffletake Burger and Louse Grand Royale. The former features shiitake, truffle mayo, and gold wrap while the latter is a meaty affair with double buff patty with truffle shavings, and gold wrap.