Indonesian Furniture & Statement Mirrors, Mirador Has Furniture And Decor For Every Home

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore


    Homely, modern, quirky or traditional, whatever the vibe, you’re bound to find some furniture or decor that fits in with the rest of your home at Mirador, the furniture store in Indiranagar.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tucked into Krishna Temple Road, Mirador looks like it’s straight out of Wonderland. With a small set of steps leading you to an old-school doorway, the store looked rather inviting. We walked into the two-storeyed store to find furniture and decor set up in every nook and corner. Mainly using teak, apparently sourced from the Java Forests of Indonesia, the furniture here is built for the long run and have a very rustic feel to them. We also spotted some cane furniture like a throne-like white chair that is for the more dramatic of us and their set of garden chairs and tables that were a bit more understated. Prices for their furniture start at INR 6,000 and upwards.

    Mirador stocks up on pretty decor too. We’re loving their geometric candle holders that are chic and their collection of ceramic vases, jars and soap dishes. They have a range of mirrors that might make for statement pieces and we spotted tiny cane baskets, colourful throw blankets and pillows too. Apart from this, they have patterned as well as block-coloured cushions to make any space look cosy. Prices for their decor start at INR 600 for the smaller products. We should mention that the prices at Mirador are far from cheap, but you’re sure to receive a quality product, making it worth the money. Regardless of whether you want to make a purchase or not, we recommend checking the store out for its lovely setup and beautiful pieces. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you walk out buying something despite your best efforts not to. It happens to the best of us (trust us, we know).


    Mirador stays closed on Mondays.
      Indira Nagar, Bangalore