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Peanuts, Pomelo And Quinoa: Here Are Bangalore's Top 8 Must-Try Salads

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A salad isn’t a meal, it is a style. Some salads are so craftily and tastefully made that it should be considered art. It is probably the only thing you can enjoy eating and not really feel guilty about. They’re healthy, refreshing, colourful, flavourful and ideal to beat the heat and cool off. We’ve done all the hard work and picked out 10 of our favourites in the city and they include everything from peanuts and pomelo to sunflower seeds and coconut. 

Bean Sprout And Crispy Quinoa With Brown Rice Flakes

This salad at Smoke House Deli is an absolute must try. Even if you’re not a huge quinoa fan, this one is going to have you changing your mind. The brown rice flakes add a fun crunch to the salad, while the sunflower seeds, carrot ribbons and guava reductions add a unique flavour. Get all of this and a posh ambience for just INR 310.

Spicy Pomelo Salad

A Misu special, this is for those who enjoy citrus and spice at the same time. With both vegetarian and prawn options, the base of the salad is made of fresh pomelo, a healthy citrus fruit, and is garnished with Thai-style roasted chili paste, lime juice, cashew nuts and fresh red chillies. The perfect mix of tart, sweet and spicy flavours, according to us. If your spice tolerance isn’t that great, you could try the flavorsome Burmese Ginger Salad here, which is another favourite.

Mandalay Laphet Thoke

This tea leaf salad at Burma Burma tastes as fancy as it sounds. A refreshing leafy salad with slightly pickled and fermented tea leaves, tomatoes, lettuce and other crunchy beans along with a garnish of garlic, roasted nuts and toasted sesame seeds will create a burst of flavours in your mouth. We have had this about six times thus far, and the restaurant has only been only two months!

Thai DIY Paan

At Enerjuvate Studio And Cafe, you can have your salad and have fun making it too. An improvisation on the Indian paan, this salad is in the form of wraps made of lettuce leaves. To add the Thai twist, the fillings consists of lime wedges, tangy dip, chillies, ginger, onions, sprouts, coconut flakes and toasted peanuts. If you think the concept sounds interesting, the taste is even more intriguing.

Cubbon Park Salad

The Permit Room is famous for their South Indian fusion food, but this salad gives you sakkat Bengaluru feels with every bite. High on taste and nostalgia, it brings together all the short eats you’ve eaten from street vendors across the city, it is made of crushed cucumbers, baby corn, peanuts, bhel puri muri, tomato, lettuce and a chili lime dressing. Inspired by the food carts at Cubbon Park, it is worth the INR 200 you spend on it at least for the throwback experience on the plate. And it looks so pretty! 

Live Micro Green Salad

The concept of dining at Fava is sustainability on good health, and their Signature Live Micro Green Salad will help you see that good health does taste pretty damn good. Micro greens are essentially a tiny form of young edible greens, and despite their size, they are loaded with flavour. In this salad, the chef puts together the varieties of live micro greens with arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, toasted almond, balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil. You can choose to have it with Bocconcini, Farm Chicken or Smoked Salmon. We’re thinking a combination of those three will work too! 

Two Melon And Baby Greens Salad Bowl

While Cafe Felix maybe a little bit pricy, this salad bowl is pretty much worth the money spent. Made with two types of melons – watermelon and musk melon, fennel, candied ginger, chèvre and toasted sunflower seeds, this gourmet salad is a party for your tastebuds, and will leave you feeling light and satisfied. We do feel a tad hungry after this, so maybe share a roast chicken after. 

Smoked Chicken Salad

Any smoked chicken salad can be either really basic or really fancy. Toast & Tonic improvises on the basic salad with crunchy vegetables and succulent pieces of chicken with a lovely smokey flavour. Accompanying the smoked chicken is celery, jalepenos, pickled apricots, asparagus and mustard mayo. You can always count on them to jazz things up. We love how the jalapenos adds that much needed kick to the salad. Plus, mustard mayo. That makes it all so much better!