Load Up On Chilli Chicken, Biryani And Andhra Meals At The Iconic Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

There are two ways you start off your meal at Nagarjuna – order their biryani or sign up for their meals. It’s a hard choice, a few trips here and you’ll know that, but either way, you won’t be disappointed. If you go with the first choice, a small mound of mutton biryani (our go-to) comes on a small plate with a piece of lemon on top. The long biryani rice is subtly spiced and the flavours and the richness of the meat come through beautifully.

Then, there’s the meals – hot, hot helpings of ghee-sprinkled, steamed rice mixed in with paapu (dal cooked with greens). Or with sambar, rasam or curd. Plus, endless helpings of vegetables, gongura chutney, and pickles. This is a well-executed meal for a happy tummy. Want more protein? Order up plates of their devilishly spicy Chilli Chicken (grab those tissues) or their Chicken Sholay Kebab, pieces of boneless chicken deep-fried in spices.

Following this, cancel all your meetings and go nap. You will need it! Go here to check out what happened to team LBB after they belted a meal from here!