Unleash Your Inner Strength And Get Fit The Namma CrossFit Way

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Tune in to the beast within and turn your body into a machine without any actual machinery with Namma CrossFit. Get ready for a different Workout Of The Day, every day.

What Makes It Awesome

Started by Greg Glassman, the regimes are constantly varied (CV), functional movements (FM) performed at high intensity in a group. If you’re a lone wolf, then that works too. Bringing this global phenomenon to South India, former cricketer and fitness expert Abinav Shankar, Nasir Masood, Rohan Menon and Hemavathi Saklaspur, who have made this their career, will take you through the workouts and you best be ready to push yourself. Of course, they’ll be on hand to poke, prod and even yell at you. But all in good faith, eh? 

If you’re still puzzled by this entire thing, then let us break it up for you. Each day, there is a new workout for you to follow. This is called WOD (now, all those hashtags make sense, right?). While there are standard exercises like heel raise or high knee squats, butt kicks, push-ups and dead-lifts, there will be stuff you’ll be staring at for a while before you figure what is happening! Hand stand walks, anyone? Or perhaps rope climbs to strengthen those arms! What we love is the camaraderie that builds up in no time. If you’re having an off day, your coach and fellow CrossFitters will happily cheer and egg you on. Sometimes you can even tag a buddy, so they’ll finish the rest of the WOD for you. Throwing in some more challenges and fun, Namma CrossFit organises sessions in the park (usually on Saturdays) which will get you down and dirty, along the Metro line for a solid city workout, as well as at other outdoor spaces – you’ll be bouncing off the walls with the adrenaline that you’ll be pumping.


They have three workout centres in the city.