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Tired Of 99-Variety Dosa Carts? Hit Up These Six Places For Offbeat Idli Variations

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Traditionally a South Indian breakfast food, we here at Team LBB love a good idli at any time in the day — for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a tea time snack, we’re in love with idlis. And it appears so are LBB readers when we recently conducted a quick survey on Instagram. Recommendations poured in from you, lovely readers and some of them have made it to our list. While little else beats an idli-vada combo, paired with a spicy coconut chutney and steaming hot sambar, we’ve decided to shake things up a notch. We’ve done the research for you, and found some of the best offbeat idlis Bangalore has to offer, and believe us, there are plenty!

Idly Burger - Cafe Idly

This little cafe in Frazer Town is dedicated almost entirely to idlis. Their idli burger here is quite delicious — a warm vegetable patty comes sandwiched between two big, fluffy idlis, and it’s probably healthier for you than a KFC burger! They also serve Kadubu, a Konkani speciality and a type of idli steamed in a banana leaf. Plus, the cafe has a Bangalorean twist in all the right ways! You can expect retro furnishings, with the best classic rock numbers playing in the background.

Chilli-Fried Idli With Beetroot Rasam - Farzi

Farzi is well known for their eclectic menu, and we love their unique combinations which, in this case, includes some delicious idlis! Their chilli-fried idli is delicious and spicy, and we’re quite intrigued by their one-of-a-kind beetroot and ginger rasam which pairs perfectly. Also try their butter chicken bun, which we were totally surprised to discover came sandwiched between two fluffy idlis!

Green Masala Idly - New Krishna Bhavan

Not only will this dish leave your tastebuds tingling, it’s super healthy for you! The green masala is made from pureed spinach and chillies, giving it a spice that’ll linger in your mouth. The idli itself is quite well-made, but it’s the masala that’s going to have us coming back again.

Thatte Idli - Sri Vishnu Refreshments

Sure, this idli is what Karnataka is famous for, so if you haven’t tried it (or, shame, haven’t even heard of it!) here’s one of LBB’s go-to restaurants for this dish. While it might taste like your regular soft, delicious idli, the flattened texture makes all the difference — it has a melt-in-your-mouth feel, and is excellent when combined with their red chutney.

Mini-Podi Idlis - Annapoorani

These small bite sized idlis from Annapoorani are tossed in Tamil-style podi, but the gunpowder modi remains our all-time favourite. This dish is best had hot, so even if you can order them it’s better to go there and eat them. This is also a waller friendly eatery, so be prepared to pig out on all their South Indian delicacies!

Non-Resident Idli - The Permit Room

Standing by their South Indian roots, these guys have done a marvellous take on the idli without messing with the flavours called the Non-resident Idlis. You get 4 large idlis with sambhar that is almost a paste. Add on spheres of chutney, powder ghee (yup, you read right; and might we add that it is divine!) and you might not even realise it’s the good old breakfast staple! We really could eat this any time of the day.