Tired Of 99-Variety Dosa Carts? Hit Up These Six Places For Offbeat Idli Variations

Traditionally a South Indian breakfast food, we here at Team LBB love a good idli at any time in the day — for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a tea time snack, we’re in love with idlis. And it appears so are LBB readers when we recently conducted a quick survey on Instagram. Recommendations poured in from you, lovely readers and some of them have made it to our list. While little else beats an idli-vada combo, paired with a spicy coconut chutney and steaming hot sambar, we’ve decided to shake things up a notch. We’ve done the research for you, and found some of the best offbeat idlis Bangalore has to offer, and believe us, there are plenty!

Idly Burger - Cafe Idly

Cafe Idly

Frazer town, Bangalore

This little cafe in Frazer Town is dedicated almost entirely to idlis. Their idli burger here is quite delicious — a warm vegetable patty comes sandwiched between two big, fluffy idlis, and it’s probably healthier for you than a KFC burger! They also serve Kadubu, a Konkani speciality and a type of idli steamed in a banana leaf. Plus, the cafe has a Bangalorean twist in all the right ways! You can expect retro furnishings, with the best classic rock numbers playing in the background.

Chilli-Fried Idli With Beetroot Rasam - Farzi

Farzi Cafe

Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

Farzi is well known for their eclectic menu, and we love their unique combinations which, in this case, includes some delicious idlis! Their chilli-fried idli is delicious and spicy, and we’re quite intrigued by their one-of-a-kind beetroot and ginger rasam which pairs perfectly. Also try their butter chicken bun, which we were totally surprised to discover came sandwiched between two fluffy idlis!

Green Masala Idly - New Krishna Bhavan

Gopika - New Krishna Bhavan

Malleswaram, Bangalore

Not only will this dish leave your tastebuds tingling, it’s super healthy for you! The green masala is made from pureed spinach and chillies, giving it a spice that’ll linger in your mouth. The idli itself is quite well-made, but it’s the masala that’s going to have us coming back again.

Peri Peri Idli - BonSouth


Koramangala, Bangalore

Bon South brings out the best in South Indian cuisine by bringing new twists to old classics and exploring some of the South’s lesser known dishes. While their podi idli is quite delicious, it’s their peri-peri idli that stands out to us. You can expect a soft, fluffy idli covered with spicy peri-peri powder — it’s the perfect Andra-Karnataka fusion idli.

Thatte Idli - Sri Vishnu Refreshments

Shree Vishnu Thatte Idli

Domlur, Bangalore

Sure, this idli is what Karnataka is famous for, so if you haven’t tried it {or, shame, haven’t even heard of it!} here’s one of LBB’s go-to restaurants for this dish. While it might taste like your regular soft, delicious idli, the flattened texture makes all the difference — it has a melt-in-your-mouth feel, and is excellent when combined with their red chutney.

Mini-Podi Idlis - Annapoorani


Available Online

These small bite sized idlis from Annapoorani are tossed in Tamil-style podi, but the gunpowder modi remains our all-time favourite. This dish is best had hot, so even if you can order them it’s better to go there and eat them. This is also a waller friendly eatery, so be prepared to pig out on all their South Indian delicacies!

Podi Idli - The Permit Room

The Permit Room

Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

Standing by their South Indian roots, these guys have done a marvellous take on the podi idli without messing with the flavours. You get 10 little idlis, fried, and with sambhar that is almost a paste. Add on spheres of chutney, powder ghee {yup, you read right; and might we add that it is divine!} and you might not even realise it’s the good old breakfast staple! We really could it this any time of the day.