The Pork Knight Rises And Sin By Fire: Get Your Steak Cravings Sorted At This HSR Grillhouse



    There’s nothing quite like driving a steak knife into a thick well-done {or however you prefer} cut of meat and savouring the juicy goodness. Well, that’s the experience you get at the cheekily named Once Upon A Flame.

    Chow Down

    Sin By Fire, Steakalypse Now

    Sip On

    The Hulk

    Winning For

    The steak options that will put a smile on all meat and seafood lovers as well as vegetarians. Yeah, they have some good vegetarian steak options that are beyond paneer and potatoes.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    The whole place has a typical American steakhouse decor — brick walls, chequered tablecloths, walls lined with pop-culture photo frames, and wooden tables and chairs. The only thing missing would be booth seating and an old juke box. Often crowded, the spacious arrangement of the seats makes it easy for you to have private conversations.

    Meat Me Soon

    A quick scan of the menu throws up a selection of salads, burgers, pasta, steaks, and drinks. You’ll notice that most of the names of the dishes have rather clever puns. For instance, you’ve a pork steak called The Pork Knight Rises, that almost looks like Christopher Nolan cooked it — perfectly cut shoulder steak featuring a stellar cast of herb and spicy Chimichurri marinade.

    We started off with The Hulk, a refreshing drink made of pineapple crush, Blue Curacao, and 7Up. Mains consisted of the Sin By Fire chicken steak and Steakalypse Now, which is a beef steak. The former, a perfectly grilled chicken steak is served with ‘they should ban these things in restaurants’ spicy paprika sauce. Truth be told, we quite enjoyed the setting our tongues on fire. Thank god for The Hulk. Cutting into the beef steak was almost like cutting butter — the juicy tenderloin easily caved in to the edges of our knives without a fuss. Savour this by pouring copious amounts of the chilli-garlic sauce that’s served on the side.

    The menu does throw up quite interesting options for vegetarians such as the Yummy Yammy {yam steak} and Just Beet It {beetroot steak}. The dessert section is played safe with options such as caramel custard and baked cheesecake.

    So, We Are Thinking...

    Maybe we’ll pass on the mocktails, but make no mistake, this one’s a real winner with its steaks. We are going back to try pork and seafood steaks, and we might need an extra tummy. Join us maybe?