Trendy Made Affordable: Replace Everyday Drinks With This Kombucha For INR 95!

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Toyo Kombucha

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What Makes It Awesome

In a lot of ways Kombucha is revolutionary in the beverage world. Think about it. Although it has existed for the longest of time (yes, years before the hipsters made it cool), today, it is the only fizzy drink that tastes good and isn't bad for you. Load up on it for energy on the daily and you will positively not have a serious crash in a few hours. 

Say hello to Toyo Kombucha that's making premium quality booch accessible to everyone. This Delhi-based brand values consistency in taste and flavour too. They brew their kombucha in a temperature and humidity controlled unit using a mix of five different types of Assam and Darjeeling green and black teas. This is fermented for upto 17 days (much more than the average one week for Delhi's weather). It is done specifically to mellow out the flavours. Founder Vidit Jain says this process gives their kombuchas a distinct smooth flavour and with strong aromas of tea as opposed to a sharp vinegar-y taste (great for the India palate and for kids too!).

There are two variants of Toyo Kombucha now. The Original and Mango. We're told that Lemongrass and Exotic Peach will soon be available too. A 330ml bottle costs INR 95, you can also buy a pack of two for INR 190. Toyo ships across India and takes orders via their website and Instagram.