Get A Slice Of This Cake From This Baker That Makes Quirky, Customised Cakes

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Our Little Cake Shop is your one-stop shop for all things cute in the form of cakes, cakepops and more.

What Makes It Awesome

When Amritha Upadhya first picked up the hobby of making cakes and sweet treats for her friends in college, little did she know that she would end up starting her own baking business. Fast forward a few years, and Our Little Cake Shop is on the verge of becoming quite the sensation on Instagram and Facebook! Specialising in quirky and super-customised cakes that will definitely be the highlight of your friend’s birthday or anniversary. You can also buy cupcakes, cookies, cakepops and more at the store - just make sure to let Amritha know in advance!

Whether you want a baeryani cake (for the friend whose only true love is biryani), or the La La Land poster in cake form (yes, edible Ryan Gosling - and he’s affordable too!), nothing is too specific for Amrita to pull off.  Customised cake prices start at INR 1,500, and can go up to INR 5,000 depending on the detailing and the kind of design you want on it. You can also get eggless or vegan cakes. And if you want to try something smaller, check out the cupcakes that start from INR 650 (for six pieces). The best part? Your cake will be delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you live in Bangalore! 


Since it’s not a store-front shop, you can’t pick up anything physically there, so make sure you order 2-3 days in advance on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.