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Real Fakes: You Will Have To Blink Twice To Tell These Plants Are Artificial!

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's face it. Not all of us are born with a "green thumb" and as much as we'd like to have a plant family of our own, our past experiences declare otherwise. Still turning green with envy at all those homes with plants dotted all around? Well, we see no reason for the fuss anymore, especially when you can bring the outdoors in with artificial plants from PolliNation!

Super real looking, low maintenance, no more untimely death and mess free -- believe us, it is the only fake thing you'd want more and more of once hooked. Plus, PolliNation does not disappoint in the variety department. They legit recreate real plants like Bougainvillea Creepers, Rhododendron Plant with pink flowers and extremely believable branches and roots. We can't wait to buy a couple Foxtail Agave Plants and the Alocasia for our table sides. Part of the realness we think comes from this local brand’s attention to detail in every leaf, branch and stem and the likeness to real life colours. We're stumped!

PolliNation also makes bonsai in planters, bouquets of flowers like roses, lillies and gerberas and lawn grass. If you want artistic plants that look like a statement or showpiece, PolliNation will fix those needs too. With prices starting upwards of INR 800 and a vast collection easily accessible on the LBB Shop, we're already on this journey of growth the artificial way!