Pottery Town: Where Clay And Charm Meet Artisanship And Old Bangalore

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What Makes It Awesome

Disclaimer: If you plan on visiting pottery town, don't forget mask up, carry sufficient sanitiser and maintain social distancing at all times while here.

A trip to Pottery Town, an age-old settlement in the Cantonment area, will bring you face-to-face with a part of the city that still oozes rustic charm and reminds of a bygone time. Narrow streets are  lined with small houses on both sides, and you’ll often see a goat or two chomping on grass in the compounds or in the streets. Move along and you’ll find entire porches and a good part of the busy street covered with every kind of earthenware. Lines of fresh-off-the-wheel creations, still baking in the sun, sit next to ready-to-sell ware. If you are a gardener, then there are pots and planters of various shapes and sizes that you can take home.

If you are into DIY, this is just the place for you. You can let your creativity run wild on the plain looking vases, kullads, palm-sized diyas, and miniature pots and pans that you can find in almost every shop here. You can also poke your head around the doors of workshops and catch a glimpse of potters spinning their magic on the wheel.


Pottery Town makes for a colourful sight during Diwali every year. Drop by and soak in the festive spirit and don’t forget to take plenty of Instagram-worthy clicks. Given the Covid-19 situation currently, should you not want to step out here (we also suggest you don't until fully safe), here are 7 Bangalore-based ceramic and pottery brands to shop from online.