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Family Lunch? This Restaurant Does Amazing Seafood & Killer Desserts!

    Seshadripuram, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Sea Rock- A dream destination for every seafood lover. Located in the prime location in Sheshadripuram, Bangalore. This place is 30 years old and they have created a legacy. Their service is prompt, the manager welcomes you with a smile. The ambience is a typical family restaurant. They also serve alcohol.

    Every single dish I tried was delicious and worth every single rupee you pay. Getting a perfect consistency concerning seafood is difficult and these people manage to get to right every single time. Tried the following items during my visit.

    * Kokam juice and buttermilk- a perfect way to build your appetite for a delicious meal. Highly refreshing drinks.

    * Kane Fish Rava fry: Perfectly cooked fish. The coating was done well. A tiny hint of spice in the coating was the best.

    * Anjal fish fry: Getting the right flavour infused into the fish is difficult. But this was perfect in every bite.

    * Pomfret masala: Freshly ground masala spread on to the beautifully cooked fish was the best thing I ate in recent times. Can't describe much with words. One must experience if you are a seafood lover.

    * Prawns ghee roast: Ghee roast is the star of every coastal cuisine. Prawns were cooked perfectly. Right coating of the masala.

    * Chicken Ghee roast: Same masala but with my all-time favourite chicken, It was cooked perfectly. The flavour of ghee hits you perfectly.

    * Clams Sukka: Sukka is a masala with coconut as the base with spices. This clams sukkah is pretty famous near the coastal area. The masala was done well.

    * Mushroom, Egg and Paneer ghee roast: Must try for vegetarians. Loved every single bite of this vegetarian version as well.

    Main Course:
    * Neer dose: One cannot miss neer dose when you come to a coastal cuisine restaurant. Paper-thin dose done well.

    * Kotte idli: Idli steamed in jackfruit leaves. This must be eaten with Drumstick curry.

    * Drumstick Curry: Well balanced curry with spice. Can eat this with idli or plain rice. Must-try dish in Sea rock.

    * Bangda Fish curry: This was my favourite. Just fell in love with the fish and the base of the curry is done with divine coconut.

    * Palak rice: The best palak rice I have tasted till date. It was truly delicious.

    * Dal Khichdi: Loved this as well It was served with raitha. Rich in nutrients and a tasty dish.

    * Ragi Manni: This is famous in the coastal region of Karnataka. A healthy dessert which one cannot stop after eating a bite of it. Star of Sea rock is ragi manni. Perfectly cooked and the right consistency of sweet.

    If you are in Bangalore and miss this place, you are truly missing on something big in life. A must visit place for all seafood lovers.

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      Seshadripuram, Bangalore