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Vegetarians! Head To Jayanagar To Enjoy A Huge Range Of Dishes In This Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome?

Thyme & Whisk: Vegetarians, knock your shoes down and enjoy a pure veg meal with plenty of options. Jayanagar has another gem which is amazingly beautiful and serves you a wide range of food from a fusion of Modern Indian, Pan Asian and Continental cuisines. A well-lit restaurant with a grand mocktail bar, this place is one of a kind.

Starting with soups, Tibetian Thupka is kept original and been good. Mushroom Thyme Scented soup is where my heart fell, a good mix of Mushrooms like porcini and Shitake in the ground mix and bits of button mushrooms make it an amazing drink. Mexican Tortilla is for someone looking for a spicy pallet. Stir fry veg pasta salad is a warm one, pasta paired with veggies go well. Tex Mex Vegetarian salad is for all the salad freaks out there in an amazing presentation. Dhabeli here has a beautiful twist, the dish Dhabeli Khari Toast is one of my favourites, where the base is similar to puffs, and dhabeli masala is topped on, giving it a killer look, this is lit.

Coriander and chilli in the right proportion, marinated with Panner and tossed, this coriander chilli Panner Skillet is fantastic. When you opt for a Tandoori Platter, it has all Vegetarian Kebabs and see what all they have, Hara Bhara Kebabs, Cheese filled Tikkas, Stuffed Mushroom Tikka, Chaap and Two types of Panner kebabs, one is regular with Red chilli marination and the other one is Hariyali kebabs with green chillies and a dash of mint. Well you know me and Panner

This is really a good option to choose instead of so many starters individually.

Forever Treasure Pizza is like forever Treasure soup, the ingredients of the soup on Pizza, how amazing, on that, they have a touch of Charcoal which not only gives an additional smoky flavour, but also the cheese is felt fine.

In the main course, Panner Roulade and sizzling Tawa masala with a Roti platter set you on board for a blast of flavours on the tongue which is perfectly made with good proportions. In Asian Bowls, do try out the Cantonese Mushroom Chilli Wok with a flat noodle base, the mushrooms are flavoured well and go very well with the noodles.

Desserts: Fancy some pancakes fried and sprayed with Nutella? Then, this is the best. Muddy soil is where brownies are mashed and added chocolate syrup with a scoop of ice cream.