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Give Your Home Or Office A Tropical Makeover With This City-Based Muralist

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Add a splash of colour to any room with the nature-inspired artwork of Yamini Reddy. Macaws, toucans, parrots, dragonflies, and tropical foliage are what she does best.

Into The Wild

Unlike most of the other artists we know, Yamini Reddy is all about transforming your space into a tropical jungle. For the most part, at least! Her work draws inspiration from nature, so it’s bright and it’s colourful. The walls of her home are a canvas for her to experiment, so naturally her living room has a floral-themed mural with a rather colourful dragonfly, catching the eye. Brightly coloured parrots in shades of yellow, blue, green, and red take up the centre space in the dining room. And most of her work in other spaces follows suit.

She works on a freelance basis, with clients who want their office or home done up in a nature theme. Her recent assignment with a client {see the picture above} involved something straight off the jungles of Central America. Enter a brightly coloured pair of macaws that dominate the wall which is fully painted foliage  — typical Amazonian style — a toucan, and a rather cute hummingbird. Her ideation is pretty simple. Create a mural that blends in with the kind of surrounding it is in, but also make it eye-catching.

The Creative Process

Her lead up to the creative process is quite extensive and elaborate. A lot of conversation is involved during the ideating process to try and understand what you want and how she can replicate the same on to the drawing board. Once the idea is approved, then it’s on to the wall. She’s a one-member team, although come big assignments and she’s got friends helping her out. While she can work on super-quick projects, she prefers a relaxed deadline. The initial meetings are about understanding what you have in mind and especially the budget you have in mind. Since she primarily works with Japanese watercolours and pigments {these are quite expensive}, she finds it very important to discuss the budget and work with something that works for both parties.

Price: INR 1,500 upwards for per square feet.


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