Get Fit And Flexible: 7 Places You Can Join Yoga Classes In Indiranagar

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Whether you’re looking to get your chakras in order, improve your posture, do something stress-busting or just get fit, yoga is a great way to solve all those problems! If you live in or around the Indiranagar area, you’ll know it’s filled with hundreds of fitness centres and many of them, yoga schools. To make things easier for you, we’ve narrowed out the top fitness spots in the area that offer traditional yoga, and some of its fun variations, too! Here’s a list of Yoga classes in Indiranagar for you:

Total Yoga

This yoga school focuses equally on fitness and mindfulness, teaching three different styles: Vinyasa flow, classical Hatha yoga and Power yoga. Every class includes pranayama and meditation to make things that much more relaxing! If you’re looking to learn how to teach yoga, they offer training courses too. Costing INR 600 per session, you can choose to check out a trial class or sign up for their regular classes.

Volt Energy Club

This luxury gym offers power yoga classes, a fitness-based practice that can help improve stamina, strength and flexibility, as well as being a great stress buster! Sign up for a free trial class to decide if Volt is for you, or a one-day pass and participate in as many sessions as you want for the day. Costing INR 650 for one class, you can choose to sign up for a three month course as well. 


Yogisthaan offers hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, and pranayama (conscious breathing). There’s also a beginners class if you’ve never done yoga before and are a bit nervous about how to start. They even have a lovely cafe where you can grab a healthy post-workout bite! With classes happening between 7 and 8 PM from Mondays to Fridays, catch a fitness session after work to rejuvenate.

Akshar Power Yoga Academy

Akshar Power Yoga offers a dynamic yoga style. Described as an aesthetic blend of eight arts, the practice also focuses on weight loss programmes. Apart from large yoga events that it is known for, the school also conducts Teacher Training Certification courses.

a1000 Yoga

We love this yoga centre for how nicely they organise their classes. Beginner, intermediate, advanced — they even colour code their classes so you know which one you’re supposed to be attending. If you have any specific problems like chronic back pain, sign up for their one-on-one sessions and they’ll work to create the perfect yoga routine for you!


Similar to zumbalates, you can either sign up for KalariYogi’s combination of Kalaripayattu followed with a short yoga session, or just their yoga class! We’d rather opt for the former, as nothing beats a great cardio workout followed by a relaxing session of yoga to bring down adrenaline levels. With each individual class starting at INR 300, you can choose to sign up to monthly courses as well.

Fit Life Yoga

This studio may be located in a busy street, but the classes here will make you feel relaxed and ready to take on the world. Both Papri Banerjee and Vrithica Bopanna help you align your mind and body to your environment, so you'll feel fitter and want to live a better lifestyle! Each class costs you INR 300 and twelve sessions per month will cost INR 1,700.