Place Those Orders! Biryani By Kilo Is Now Offering Zero-Contact Delivery

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What Makes It Awesome

From Lucknow and Hyderabad to Kolkata and an array of curries thrown in for good measure, Biryani By Kilo has all our biryani desires worked out to a T.

If you like your rice loaded with meat, potatoes and deem (egg), then try Biryani by Kilo's Kolkata biryani with an option of mutton and chicken (surprisingly, we liked the chicken more).

Since biryani is nothing if not rice and (loads of) mutton then it has got to be Lucknowi for those of you who like to taste the mutton for what it is – sheer deliciousness. It’s the quality of rice and cuts of meat that need special mention here because it’s hard to hide those flaws in layers of masala. The Lucknowi Biryani at Biryani By Kilo is light, low on spice, and high on flavour, we didn’t even need the raita, chutney or onions with this one!

But if spice is your thing, then choose Hyderabad, the land of all things fire and yum. There’s a choice of egg, veggie, chicken and gosht, and for this region, it sways between chicken and veggie.

Don’t stop at rice though; do yourself a favour and try the Dum Nihari Gosht. We slathered this on an ulta tawa ka paratha and went straight to heaven.

Their Biryani starts at INR 325 (half a kg).

What Could Be Better

While their food tastes great, we weren't super impressed by their portion sizes. So, make sure that you order extra. 


Biryani By Kilo is offering zero-contact delivery option and is also following WHO safety practices so, we are sure you now don't have to think twice before ordering.