Amplify Your Home With Pretty Curtains And Fabrics From This Store In T. Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Walls and furnishings are alright, but do you know what adds the colour to your house? A perfect set of curtains. Not only can you control the way the light brightens your room, but also you can choose the right pattern that will add the contrast! Curtains By Rastogis in T.Nagar sells all kinds of home fabrics including curtains for your doors, windows and even bathroom dividing ones. Apart from cloth curtains, they also sell vertical and horizontal blinds, roller blinds and even bamboo blinds. 

We loved their florals and polka-dotted curtains but totally fell for their hand-woven curtain collections. You will get them in cotton material with a variety of ethnic designs. Our pick was an off-white curtain which was dotted with red Indian elephant motifs. These readymade curtains start at INR 300. Curtains By Rastogis also specialises in selling different materials and styles of rods to put curtains. You can get these in brass, aluminium, wood and PVC. Along with that, you can buy curtain holders too. If you want to add some boho style to your house, you can even attach tassels and fringes on your blinds and curtains.

We especially love the blinds. You can even get motorised blinds attached which open up and close with a flick of a remote. Curtains By Rastogis also offers a range of sofa fabrics. Some come with a velvety sheen while a few others come with the comfort and fluff of cotton. You can customise these as well. They will come over and do the fitting for you at home. You can choose from their pastels or their royal reds. We love them all, tbh. 


While customising your curtains, you can choose from their different styles of headings (pleat styles on the top), rods, swags (drooping curves on the top of a curtain), curtain styles and valance patterns (detailing such as tassels and swags on top). You can get sheers like a princess or go for a minimal corporate look like that of Christian Grey!