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Chocolate Panipuri, Black Ice Cream, & Dosa Waffles: The Coolest Food Trends In Town


    Food lovers will agree with us when we say that food, even in its most tried-and-tested avatars, can never bore. But once in awhile, it’s great to see restaurants and chefs test the boundaries between deliciousness and bizarre. Here are 2017’s best weird food trends.

    Puzzling Pizzas

    The Pizza Bakery

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    The pizza embraced pizzazz this year. The Pizza Bakery, a new entry on Bangalore’s crowded pizza scene, threw all caution to wind and set things ablaze with their Flambe Pizzas. If you like to go all out with your pizza, then, a slice or two of the Masala Fries Pizza at Hungry Hippie, in Koramangala, ought to do the trick.

    Keto Creations

    Cafe Thulp

    Kammanahalli, Bangalore

    Keto became the new buzzword that inspired many a menu offering this year. Cafe Thulp, whose owner is an ardent follower of the diet, launched a keto-friendly menu. We also got keto-friendly desserts and bakes.

    Street Food Goes Gourmet

    Tata Cha

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Spiffy restaurants and cafes handpicked street food favourites and gave them a spruce up. At Tata Cha, you can mop up plates of Butter Chicken Khichdi and at the Little Green Cafe you can sign up for Pav Bhaji Fondue. Prefer actual street food? Then, have your fill of Chocolate Panipuri at this Rajajinagar Stall. Or chomp on a Naanwich from this food truck.

    Colour Me Burgers!


    Koramangala, Bangalore

    The humble burger bun came to us in brand new avatars this year. At Carrots, you got Sloppy Joes topped with downy black buns. While Genuine Broaster Chicken brightened things up with red and green burgers.

    Bamboozled By Bamboo

    We have two words for you — Bamboo Biryani. HSR’s Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre, having already made a mark in the drama-filled-food department, decided to grab more eyeballs with three types of biryani served in a foot-long bamboo. Rustic Stove, in Jayanagar, too caught up with the trend.


    Momos Gone Wild

    No other dish was taken apart and reinvented like the momo. Enerjuvate Cafe & Studio led the movement with ragi momos and even maize ones. The icing on the cake was the Momosas where the momo meets the samosa. Momo Jojo spiced things up with eight avatars of the dish while WOW! Momo presented us with the, wait for it, mango momo.

    Wacky Waffles

    Waffles surely filled us with wonder this year. Just a few weeks ago, Jayanagar welcomed Bubblewrap Waffle Co — where the bubbly and airy waffles are served as cones loaded with Nutella, Oreos, white chocolate chips and whatnot. Also on offer are Waffle Pizzas and Waffdogs. Meanwhile, for those of you hankering for a desi twist, there’s Double Decker that serves Dosa Waffles while health nuts can go crazy with the waffle brownies at RawStraw in Kalyan Nagar.

    Experiments In Ice cream

    Cream Chemistry

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    After making waves around the world, the black ice cream {try one here and here} finally made its landing in Bangalore. Another big trend — ice cream rolls that popped up in all corners of the city. We were also blessed with Ice Cream Tacos and Motichoor Ladoo Ice Cream.

    Insta Cakes

    All those desserts and cakes that you hankered after on Instagram came alive in patisseries, across town, this year. Leading the dazzling brigade was the Unicorn Cake. We also gorged on Rainbow Cakes, Edible Glitter ones, Anti-Gravity, and Brush Stroke Cakes.