Foodie Central: This Cafe In New BEL Road Is Our New Fast Food Hang

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With its quirky vibe and its menu full of crowd-favourites like pizzas, pasta, burgers and shakes, Burp in New BEL Road is our fav go-to when the hunger pangs strike.

What Makes It Awesome

A rooftop restaurant in the middle of New BEL Road, Burp wins for its quirky decor -- cute red and blue tables and chairs, a book rack that also has indoor games, outdoor seating (with graffiti all along the walls outside) and even a mini Eiffel tower!

When it comes to the menu, the cafe mainly sticks to continental and Italian, and you'll find all your favourite comfort foods like pizzas, pasta, lasagna, burgers, steaks, sandwiches and wraps. Sounds like typical cafe fare, right? That's only until you spot fun and weird options here and there on the menu (who knew Thai Green Curry Maggi or Afghani Hot Dog were a thing?). We'd recommend the place for their starters, though -- whether you order Panko Prawns or Spinach Mozzarella Cheese Balls, your taste buds will not be disappointed!

If you still have space for more after your meal, check out their dessert selection. Say goodbye to your gains and order a plate of Belgium Chocolate Cake, or keep it simple with a strawberry tart -- either way, your sweet tooth will be grateful to you for days to come. And since everyone knows that good food deserves a good drink to wash it all down with, Burp has plenty of options on offer, including smoothies, mocktails and shakes (the Red Velvet Shake looks tempting). 


They make their own bread!