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Yelahanka Folks, There Is A Cute Cafe In Your Hood From Where You Can Work Too

    Yelahanka, Bangalore


    Cafe 60 Four in Yelahanka can be a spot where you can work out of, where you can come to watch a game or even come just for a coffee and spend some quality time with your friends or just a book and yourself.

    Work & Play

    Cafe 60 Four, named so because of Yelahanka’s postal code, is a small cafe which seems just about right for any mood or time of the day. You can go sit down in a comfy chair, sit on their wooden benches or even make yourself comfortable in their booth-style seating. The cafe, which has been open for three years now, offers board games including Pictionary, Ludo and Monopoly. They also have free WiFi offered but don’t get carried away, because it’s free for the first 80 MB only, and then you will have to pay around INR 40 an hour, per table. There’s also a TV where they might screen some matches if they’re on. The view from the glass window isn’t very appealing outside though, so best to focus on the inside.

    What To Eat?

    In terms of food, you can get regular cafe fare here, like sandwiches, pizza, burgers and other short eats. It’s all vegetarian though! To drink, there’s tea, coffee and some thick shakes which you can try. This seems like the place where you order a snack, a coffee and read a book while listening to the commercial hits playing in the background. Everything is priced pretty reasonably here. Have a strawberry milkshake {for INR 120} along with a portion of fries and maybe even one of their pizzas, which are quite cheesy.

      Yelahanka, Bangalore