Candolim Cosmos, Vindaloos & Ambotiks: Kalyan Nagar Peeps! Goa Is Now Officially In Your Hood

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Kalyan Nagar peeps, if you are looking to satisfy your cravings for Goa and its food, we have found you a place that goes by the name Casa De Goa. Delivering the charm of the sunshine state, it’s even got Vindaloos, Xacutis, and Ambotiks to add to the real feel.

Old Goan Charm

A huge mural surrounded by typical azulejos tiles reading ‘Casa De Goa’ welcomes you to this pub that’s designed to reflect Old Goa. With their rustic furniture, large windows, and tiles give off Latin Quarters vibes, and add to that oars, a large boat, and wooden rafters, you’ve got a slice of Goa in Kalyan Nagar!

Even though they call themselves a pub, the very relaxed ambience gives off more of a relaxed, fine dining sort of vibe that makes it ideal for those quite after work drinking scenes or squad meetups. We aren’t complaining because there are those nights when you just want to kick back and relax. Casa De Goa is located just below The Local, and it’s run by the same folks as well. So that is a testament to the chill atmosphere!

Goa On A Platter

While the menu is largely Goan, there are a few local bites courtesy Madikeri Pandhi Fry and Coorgi Pork, and Kerala Fried Fish. But since you are checking in for a Goa, you can start off with the Red Chicken Recheado like we did. Chicken cubes marinated in a spicy sauce that goes well with King’s beer {obviously!} or one of the many signature cocktails such as Candolim Cosmo {vodka based} and Hammered on the Beach {tequila based}. Not as spicy as we would have liked it, it nonetheless set the tone for our dinner.

Without wasting much of our time, we ordered our mains, Ambotik Fish Curry and Chicken Vindaloo, along with coconut rice and a portion of steamed sannas. The Ambotik curry came with seer fish which we highly approve of, and it paired perfectly with the coconut rice. We also liked dunking the fluffy sannas in the rich vindaloo curry — a real experience, even if not as authentic as Goa. The staff did tell us that the flavours have been adjusted to suit the local palate, so we’re not judging. We wrapped up our meal with a cheesecake that was recommended by the staff. It’s a regular no-bake cheesecake with mango puree, nothing to make you go wow about. Maybe next time we’ll order the Sizzling Bebinca with ice cream.

So, We Are Thinking...

Although the flavours aren’t quite authentic, we still going back for more of that Vindaloo and Ambotik. And we definitely need to try the Xacutis. And that Sizzlin Bebinca.