Checkout This XL Brewery- Hangover!

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What Makes it Awesome?

Indeed the place is XL in size; it is spacious and the atmosphere is relaxing. We had been here for lunch and we had a great time. We tried some unusual starters than our usual order. The CHEESE PAV BHAJI was one among them. Large Pav were stuffed with Bhaji and baked with cheese on top. It was indeed a delicious and cheesy Pav bhaji. We also tried their grilled BHARWA MUSHROOMS and ENGLISH MUSTARD BROCCOLI. They were little raw but the flavours were right. We are liking the new combination of Mustard and broccoli. The love for burger never stops. So we tried their Veggie Burger and we weren't disappointed. The size of the burger was little big than the usual size, the Veg patty was crisp from outside and fully baked from inside. It was wasn't overstuffed with any ingredient. It was served with fried baby potatoes and salad. Also the MAC & CHEESE and VEG CROISSANT sandwich were decent. Among mocktails, we were delighted with Tomatina. It had a wonderfully balanced flavour- spicy, sour and sweet. It was something new which we tried. Bottom line, we had enjoyed the lunch without any issues. The desserts could have been better and can add more options in it.  #BurpOutLoudly