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Death By Chocolate To Cake Fudge: The Iconic Dessert Parlour Is Winning Hearts

    Kalyan nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    For years, our Friday evenings were marked by the sound of staff at Corner House bellowing “chip fudge with mocha!”, clearly enunciating the ‘d’ and ‘j’ in the ‘fudge’. I could never find it on the menu, but it was my go-to choice: a giant scoop of seriously strong coffee ice cream, topped with peanuts and chocolate sauce. Corner House and its endless offerings allow you to be fickle. Time was when a single scoop of the deliciously dark Rocky Road (chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream) was all we wanted; other times, nothing less than a Death By Chocolate would do. When in doubt, pick the Hot Chocolate Fudge: its simple, comforting combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts have bailed us out of many an existential crisis.

    We also love the Cake Fudge, a more manageable version of the Death By Chocolate: here, you’re treated to layers of chocolate cake set off by vanilla ice cream, all pulled together with hot chocolate sauce and peanuts. Try the Brown Bomb without ice cream, a warm, gooey brownie topped with chocolate sauce. Not a chocolate person? Build a cone popping with as many colours as you can, with single scoops of flavours such as mango, black currant, and fig and honey. Located in almost every vicinity of the city (no wonder they call it Corner House), they are available on delivery aggregators in case you want to enjoy some delicious ice cream from the comfort of your house. With costs ranging between INR 60 and INR 200, this is affordable and delicious at the same time.


    COVID-19 Tip: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are closed for dine-in and deliver all their ice-creams through food delivery platoforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo. They are open from 11am - 11pm to deliver your favourite ice-creams. Before you advance to your nearest outlet to smoke a ciggy and collect your ice-cream, note that not all Corner House outlets have reopened. Stay home and order is what we suggest. 

      Kalyan nagar, Bangalore