Energy Bars Perfect for That Post Workout Hunger Pang, Made Right Here In Bangalore

Ten-Second Takeaway

When snacking becomes the enemy, it could put all your fitness efforts at risk. Whether you crave sweet or savoury snacks, we have a solution — healthy, energy bars. Our pick consists of mostly Bangalore brands, which have one thing in common — nutritious, tasty treats.

Purple Hippie Granola

Purple Hippie makes granola bars that are baked, and best enjoyed by itself as a snack or even with yogurt, and ice-cream. Flower power is at its best with sunflower seeds, along with pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins and other natural goodies. The Moody pack is one that soothes all kinds of cravings, like the sweet fudgy brownie granola, nutritious fruit and nut or rich millet and coconut. We are also drooling at their salted peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks – which check the list of tasty and healthy snacks. The fully loaded granola jar will spoil your taste buds, as it has a mix of nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, dates, raisins and apricots and even a dash of cinnamon – which is really delicious by itself, or as a topping to pretty much anything.


These guys make snacks with natural ingredients and high in protein and fiber protein bars. Keeping carbs at bay, Hyp says no to soy protein, gluten, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. They also offer a zero-sugar range with tempting flavours such as espresso, coconut almond and berries — all coated in sugar-free dark chocolate. The protein bars are made from natural ingredients like almond butter and peanut butter.

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The Huda Bar

Huda Bar wants to do two things — to give you delicious granola bars and responsibly source organic ingredients from local vendors to make these bars. The bars come in a pack of 5 with various choices. We are interested in the chocolate bar, which is a granola bar filled with oats, almond and organic honey, and comes coated in fancy Callebaut {Belgian} chocolate, with the added sweetness of organic jaggery. The peanut butter bars come with a mix of bran, oats, almonds, malted ragi and butter.

Melt It Down

Bangalore baker Priya Vijan’s granola bars are a popular favourite, as part of her range of healthy treats. The bars are made gluten free without the addition of any artificial sweeteners. You can enjoy peanut bars and dark chocolate granola bars loaded with walnuts, dates and honey. Plus, all of this is made to order.

Lluvia Bakery

An organic whole wheat bakery is music to our ears. Lluvia Bakery offers wheat-free health bars available in seven fruity flavours. The packaging comes in a gift box which you could treat yourself with even gift to a workout buddy. They also do a health bar made with amaranth grain with an added touch of honey. This  should pair well with your afternoon chai.

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Lluvia Bakery


28, HNR Industrial Area, Kasavanahalli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru


Yoga Bar

Free from artificial ingredients, these protein bars contain a mix of whole grains like millet, buckwheat with mixed nuts and seeds, and come in many flavours such as peanut butter, vanilla almond and more. The whey protein bar is could be your best friend with essential proteins, fibers and antioxidant rich ingredients.

On The Run

Energy bars, that push you the extra mile — On The Run energy bars have ingredients that are carefully handpicked by nutritionists, athletes and dieticians. Take your pick from exotic flavours such as  prune and raisin, hazelnut, ginger, oats and apricot.


Started by Ankeeta Chawla, a foodie, who successfully managed to lose weight but wanted to extend her repertoire to healthy desserts. Her protein bars come in options such as chunky chocolate and peanut butter, cookie dough and banana walnut to name a few.