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Banana Peanut Toasties, Hummus And Even A Fitness Plan, Delivered To You By Fit Dish Fetish

Nirja posted on 18 February


A one-stop solution for healthy food, nutritional consulting and customised personal training plans — FitDishFetish might just give you the necessary nudge towards a healthier lifestyle.

But First, Get Fitted

Before you start on your healthy journey with Fit Dish Fetish, have fun calculating your nutritional requirements on their website based on your fitness routine and lifestyle. Once it adds up to the results, a Fit Kit meal plan will be suggested charting out protein, fibre and the good fats required. The plan is spread over 20 days, and will deliver meals depending on whether you opt for lunch, dinner or both {this would cut it down to a 10-day meal plan}.

Food For Champions

If a Fit Kit is not for you, feel free to order a la carte, if you require guidance for your orders, just drop a note to consult with their nutritionist. From all day breakfasts, like chia and banana peanut butter toasties, to protein laden omelettes served with multigrain breads and more, you will be spoilt for choice. The salad bar takes care of all your protein specific needs with a choice of fish, grilled chicken, and lentils, along with the greens.

We especially love their Quick Bites section which does everything from Devilled Eggs to Chunky Peanut Lettuce Wraps Chicken. If you are craving something a bit more hearty, their main course gives you the choice to select your carb intake depending on your nutrition plan. For those feeling peckish, do not reach for that candy bar — Fit Dish Fetish also delivers healthy snacks, like peanut masala, hummus or oatmeal pudding to keep you going through the day.

Leave It To The Pros

Apart from planning your nutrition, Fitdishfetish also has their GetFit Plans, an online program that is accessible to anybody. Going over healthy nutrition advice along with training via Skype calls and emails, you get the guidance of an expert from the comfort of your couch. The plans are customised to meet your goals of fat loss, weight gain or overall healthy lifestyle.

You can order for Fit Dish Fetish’s a la carte menu here.


At present FitDishFetish delivers only  to certain areas, with the goal of spreading their network. At the time or ordering your meal, be sure to check the location filter first.

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Delivery Services

Fit Dish Fetish

Delivery Services

Fit Dish Fetish