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Hotel Chalukya Wins For Dosas, Thalis And Old-Bangalore Vibes

    Race cource Road, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    An iconic entity in Bangalore’s culinary map, Samrat Restaurant’s (more commonly referred to as Chalukya, the hotel it’s part of), idlis, dosas, and North and South Indian thalis are what you go here for. We love the Masala Dosa, Rawa Dosa, Channa Bhatura and Thalis and sipping on Sweet Lime Juice and Filter Coffee.

    Divided into two floors, one is not air-conditioned {with slightly lower prices} and the upstairs section, with more comfy seating, AC and higher rates is considered the family area. But you don’t go here for ambience; it’s more of an eat, drink, don’t make much merry and go away place. After all, there’s cars queuing up all the way out of the hotel and people sitting on the stairs until assigned a place. The old-school vibes transcends ambience and food. But that said, the authenticity and price of food is also quite appealing.

    So, we too will focus on food, and in random order since the place is famous for meals and snacks, alike. Famous for the masala dosa (which some veterans now aren’t too keen on though), you’ll find it’s a bit thick yet crisp, and loaded with ghee and oil. The aloo palya stuffing is a tad bland, but the spicy sambar and coconut chutney more than make up for it. Do ask for the red chilli paste slathered on your dosa, if you like it hot. Idlis, light and fluffy, are served only until 11am. But there’s always the filling rava (semolina) version of it.

    North Indian and South Indian thalis, along with Channa Bhatura (fluffy as they come) are what you should aim for here. Little steel bowls on a bigger steel thali arrive with the best of the menu – a curation of sorts. The North is represented by Palak Paneer, Dal, Veggie Korma, Channa alongside pulao and two Indian breads (paratha and naan are super). The South Indian one has Sambar, Rassam, a curry and puris with rice, of course. Both come with a peppery tomato soup, a gulab jamun usually, and papad. How’s that for systematic eating! Do wash it down with fresh juices, especially Sweet Lime, and end the meal with filter coffee. It’s tradition.


    While the menu is much more vast, the only other thing we highly recommend is the super greasy Gobi Manchurian and Chilli Paneer. Very Indianised, it’s great comfort food, more so on a rainy day. 

      Race cource Road, Bangalore