Sink Your Teeth Into Delicious Kebabs At These Restaurants In Town

    Think that a plate of juicy, tender kebabs can perk up any meal? Then, you’ve come to the right place. For meat lovers (let’s face it, the vegetarians are not showered with too many choices here), kebabs hold a special place in their hearts and plates. Stuff them into rotis, pair them with biryani, or just wolf them down plain – there’s little that can be better than the joys of a kebab. Especially when the fried or tandoored meat retains its juiciness, the spice mix is coated on beautifully, and the char is just right! LBB gorges its way through the best kebab joints in Bangalore.



    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    The limelight at this non-descript place is often occupied by their spectacular Laham Mandi. But, we insist, that their kebabs are worth praise too. Sink your teeth into generously-spiced Afghani Kababs or a plate of their Ta’aam Special Kebabs, where juicy chunks of chicken are grilled to perfection after being slathered with spices starting at INR 160. It is open from noon to 4 PM for lunch and in the evenings from 7 PM to 11 PM.

    Siddique Kabab Centre

    Just driving past this old favourite in Frazer Town can get you hungry (we, of course, speak with experience). Come by to this shop on any evening (although they are open for business in the afternoons, they don’t have a lot of kebabs on offer) and you’ll have to make your way past a crowd to get to the front of the shop where the marinated kebabs are hung. If you are a big kebab fan, we recommend that you just pack home a plate of each. However, if you are picky, try their soft Malai Kababs that come coated with generous amounts of, well, malai (cream) before being dunked in the tandoor. The charred edges are perfectly paired with the creaminess of the pieces. The deep-fried, regular kebabs like Lhasoni kebabs, Peshawari kebabs and Sikandari kebabs have our heart too. Prices here start at INR 35 for kebabs. 

    Khan Saheb

    Pocket-friendly and popular, Khan Saheb does brisk business thanks to its meaty offerings. Drop by here and you’ll see grills laden with marinated meats on metal skewers. Their Chicken Reshmi Tikka priced at INR 130 is generously coated in a coriander and mint mix. The Chicken Shahi Tikka priced also at INR 130 is cooked over charcoals after being coated in yogurt is a winner. It is open from 12:30 PM to 10:30 PM and has over 11 outlets in the city. 

    Kund Indian Barbeque

    Kund Indian Barbeque

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    This hole-in-the-wall serves up lip-smacking kebabs dressed in all kinds of spices. From their long lineup of offerings, we recommend that you go with the Mutton Sheek Kababs priced at INR 280 that pair well with their butter-drizzled naan. Also, their plates of tangy Chicken Achari Tikka priced at INR 250 are bestsellers too. It is open from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM and 7:30 to 10 PM.



    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Our pick of this humble establishment’s kebab offerings goes to the Chicken Ismaili priced at INR 120. Marinated in an achari masala, we recommend you order the roll version of these delicious kebabs. The chicken tikka too is a worthy try. It is open from 1 PM to 11:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 1 PM to 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. 

    Punjab Bistro

    Punjab Bistro

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    Get your meal off to a triumphant start with plates adorned with their best kebab offerings. The Chicken Kalmi Kebab, where thigh pieces of chicken marinated with ground Indian spices and saffron, is a must-try. Another winner is the house speciality – Murgh Tikka Punjab Bistro. Cumin, cheddar, cream, and garlic come together to give this plate of kebab a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Vegetarians, these guys have something for you as well. Try their Dahi ke Kebab made out of hung curd, condensed milk, cheese blended with cardamom, fried and served with berry sauce. The kebabs here are priced at INR 375 and upwards. 

    Fanoos Xpress

    Fanoos Xprss

    Jayanagar, Bangalore

    Sheekh reigns supreme at this iconic joint. Join the crowds of students and food lovers, who drop by here for plates of their crumbly mutton sheekh kebabs priced at INR 70(add a squirt of the lime to add more flavour). Try their chicken and beef shawarma priced at INR 60 for a regular one. 

    Pind Balluchi

    Pind Balluchi

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    You’ll find all the classics here. Their Murgh Malai Tikka brings over with tangy flavours and doses of spice and cream priced at INR 279. The succulent chunks of Mutton Boti Kebab that sits in a special marinade before being cooked is also a must try at Pind Balluchi. It is open from noon to 11:30 PM. Vegetarians! Try their hara bhara kebab and makki da kebab starting at INR 199. 


    Al Bek

    rajaji nagar, Bangalore

    Al-Bek, a popular chain, will give you plenty of options to choose from. Stack your plate high with their deep-fried chicken kababs, chicken lollipops, and their thin slivers of sholay kabab to make your tummy very happy. For a special treat, we recommend their Special Tandoori Chicken, that is charred beautifully and is coated in subtle spices (unlike the usual tandoori chicken offerings that come covered in a chilli-heavy mix). Try their Tandoori Kebab platter if you just can't decide which one to order and treat yourself. The prices here start at INR 120 for kebabs. 


    Baluchi - The Lalit Ashok

    Seshadripuram, Bangalore

    Known for their kebab offerings, Baluchi gives the dish a gourmet finish. The Kesari Murgh Tikka priced at INR 900, sees the chicken being soaked up in saffron before it sent in to acquire a lovely char. The Dorei Wali Sheekh, maded fom pounded lamb mince is also a must try and is priced at INR 1,100. Vegetarians! They have a range of kebabs for you as well. Try their Lacheele Dum Paneer Ke Kebab made with malai paneer stuffed with home made pickle mix and charred in clay oven. 

    The Kabab Studio

    The buffet table at this restaurant is laden with many kebab offerings, and rightfully so given the name and all. Among the wide selection, the Multani Murgh Tikka and the Amritsari Fish Tikka burst with flavours and will have you reaching for more. 



    Kodihalli, Bangalore

    If you aren’t coming by for their delicately-spiced biryani, you should stop by for their kababs. From the bestsellers list, you’ve got to pick the Sholay Kebabs (finger-sized, boneless chicken pieces that are marinated in chilli and other spices before being fried) and if you love your kababs spicy, then, the Andhra Tikka. Prefer to play safe? Pick their Reshmi, Malai, and Kalmi Tikka versions and you won’t complain.



    Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

    The juicy kebab goes posh at this restaurant. An all-time favourite is the creamy Chandni Kebab, that acquires a melt-in-the-mouth consistency after emerging from the hot tandoor. This is also a great place to try the Lucknowi Galouti Kebab priced at INR 495, where lamb mince is mixed with a melange of flavourful spices before being made into patties and shallow-fried.