Lady Fish, Squid And Prawn: Kudla Serves Top-Notch Mangalorean Seafood Dishes

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This authentic Mangalorean restaurant serves top notch seafood and other delicacies from the Konkan coast.

Chow Down

Rava fried kane, prawn ghee roast, neer dosa and pathrode

Sip On

Kokum juice

Winning For

Hands down the fresh seafood. The ambience is perfect for a lunch-time meal with friends and family, and their quick service gets brownie points from us.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The restaurant is located in the Ramanashree Hotel on the busy Richmond Road, but thankfully offers free valet parking. Once you’re inside Kudla, you can expect a pleasantly dark restaurant — the windows have cut-outs of palm trees from which outside light shines through, giving the whole place a beach shack-like feel, while still remaining upmarket. The whole restaurant is panelled in wood, and kept immaculately neat.

Tales From The Sea

We got the rava fried kane {lady fish}, prawn ghee roast, and batter-fried squid rings, roasted with butter garlic and pepper. The kane was soft and succulent. Yum! The rava fry isn’t too spicy, so if you want to up the ante, ask for the masala version. Also, if you really want it Mangalorean-style, request the chef to make slits on the side of the kane — it’ll get rid of all those tiny bones. The prawn ghee roast was rich, spicy and absolutely doused in ghee — just the way we like it! The squid was ordered on a bit of a whim, and we were very taken aback by how flavourful and incredibly tender it was.

Mouthwatering Mains

For mains, we decided to get ourselves neer dosa, kori roti, chicken curry and pathrode {steamed Colocasia leaves}. Kori roti is typically doused in gravy to soften it, but be sure to eat it quickly cause we left ours a little too long and it got mushy. Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy the kori roti as much, since the chicken curry wasn’t nearly as spicy or flavourful. The neer dosa was a better match for the chicken curry. The masala used in the pathrode was seasoned perfectly, and we really enjoyed it. We wrapped up our meal with a light and fluffy ragi pudding.

So We’re Thinking…

Starting from our drinks to dessert, pretty much everything we had was perfect. We’d say go here for the seafood. But definitely give their veg specialities, like pathrode, a try — it’s totally worth it!