Oldie But A Goldie: Why The Iconic Lalbagh MTR’s Unlimited South Indian Thalis Are Boss


    Almost a century old and still ruling the roost, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms {MTR} is legend! Sure, their brekkie is fab but their unlimited South Indian Thali is worth every penny too.

    Mavalli Musings

    Mavalli Tiffin Rooms’ journey begins in 1924, when three brothers decided to venture into the city’s still nascent F&B business. Today, MTR brings in the crowds from around the world and they have numerous outlets around the city. But we still recommend the charming old edifice just a stone’s throw away from Lalbagh.

    Most patrons visit MTR in the wee hours of the morning. But if you are keen on a South Indian meal that’ll have you stuffed to the gills, we recommend you stop by during lunch time for their thalis.

    Lunch Ready

    Once you snap up you coupon at the counter {INR 271 for a meal}, they’ll seat you and you will have to wait for the room to {somewhat} fill up before they start serving. The thali is served in stages. First, the shiny, steel plates are piled with hot, hot puris, a vegetable sagoo, and a dry vegetable that’s tossed with grated coconut. Next, it’s the turn of their mini-masala dosas, fragrant with ghee, and perfectly matched with a spicy chutney.

    You then move onto servings of sweet Pongal featuring grated coconut and dry fruits, Vangi Bath – that’s got a good hit of spice, and rice served with a delicious, steaming sambhar. You round things up with servings of cool curd rice and a serving of fruit salad. The meal is unlimited, you can ask for as many as servings as you’d like. But make sure you have enough room to try everything.