Five Caterers To Hit Up For Dog Food And Bakes

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Perhaps your work just doesn’t leave you time to cook up some grub for your pooch, or maybe, you’re just too confused about what really is good for your pet. Whatever may be the case, we know how difficult it can be for pet parents to make sure your dear doggie gets the best of food and treats. Which is why we turned to Depinder Singh, the founder of Woofyz {an online community for pet parents} to pick out five places to turn to for healthy and quality dog food. From well-portioned meals to delicious bakes, here’s where you can stock up for your furry friend.

Doggy Box

When couple and dog lovers, Manish Gowda and Lakshmi Kaushik began researching about a balanced diet for pets, it was for their one-year-old pup, Bullet. Encouraged by friends, they started off as a way of helping pet parents like them. Using high quality meat, veggies and whole grains, they have Chicken Meals and Fish Meals for dogs {Mutton Meal to be introduced soon!}, all freshly cooked and portioned adequately. They also add natural supplements to the food.

Price: INR 600 upwards

Contact: +91 98805 02749

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to order online.

Bone Appetite

A bakery for dogs, Bone Appetite has homemade cakes and bakes that are freshly prepared as per your order. Apart from cakes like Chicken Little {which has whole wheat, chicken, carrot and eggs} and Pampered Pooch {whole wheat, mutton, spinach and eggs}, they also have a selection of cookies and muffins for your doggie. Throwing a party for your pup? They also do customised treats and cakes for the occasion.

Where: B-33, Sycamore,Tata Sherwood appts ,Basavanagar, Behind HAL Muesum {orders will have to be picked up from their place}

Price: INR 275 upwards

Contact: +91 9845707030

Find them on Facebook here to order online.


A pet bakery run by Priya Stephen {a city-based canine trainer and behaviourist}, Pawdelights has a menu that has everything from cookies, ‘pupcakes’ and ice creams to savouries, pooch meals and ‘pawsicles’. Think Fishy Affair cookies, Chicken n’ Carrot pupcakes and Pumpkin n’ Honey ice cream, to name a few. Always up for customising according to the preference of customers {and their pets, of course}, Priya also has a selection of training-based treats {like jerkies} for your pup.

Price: INR 250 upwards

Contact: +91 9901100553 {call or Whatsapp to place order}

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here 

Clever Canines

Clever Canine

icon-placeAvailable Online

Offering ice creams, cupcakes, cakes and biscuits, Clever Canine by Yamika Damani {a dog trainer and behaviourist} makes sure your pooch gets healthy treats {salt free and sugar free, to} made with wholesome, human grade ingredients. You’ll even find the frozen treats {Bacon and Apple ice cream, Mango ice cream and Blueberry ice cream} in pet-friendly restaurants or cafes like Spoonful of Sugar and Toit. Apart from their birthday cakes {veg, non veg and eggless options available}, their chicken biscuits and oat biscuits are quite a hit among the pets, Yamika tells us.

Price: INR 120

Contact: +91 9845404040

Find them on Facebook here to order online.

The Doggy Bakery

Don’t be surprised when you meet Diya Sikand, the 12-yar-old {yes, you read it right} who runs The Doggy Bakery. Young but driven by her love for dogs {they have 13 dogs at home!}, she is helped by her grandmother in whipping up treats for pooches. Experimenting with ingredients, the grandmother-granddaughter duo make sure that the goodies are all sugar-free, and devoid of chemicals and preservatives. While they have meaty treats, pupcakes and customised cakes, their most popular products include the Red Velvet Pupcake {made with beetroot and wheat}, Cinnamon Bark {cinnamon, honey and oats biscuits} and Liverdrool {wholewheat flour, oats and chicken liver pupcakes}.

Price: INR 150 upwards

Contact: +91 9739908844

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to order online.