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Cable Cars And San Francisco Views: This Restaurant Gets A Green Card For Its Themed Dining Experience

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If themed restaurants are your kind of things, Cable Car is where you need to head for your next meal. Themed after the iconic cable car system of San Francisco, dinner is inside a cable car with a view of the American city.

Everybody's Favourite City

Dining is sure to be an experience here. For folks who are familiar and not-so-familiar with San Francisco, the ambience and the way the place has been done with is something they can relate to or enjoy. Setting the restaurant apart from the rest is the decor itself. Apart from the recreation of the iconic cable car system, the whole place has a very Frisco look to it.

Enter walls filled with posters and murals of the famous spots of the American city, wooden furniture, curios and souvenirs, and of course, the dining space with the cable car compartment. Inside the compartment, there’s a dining space and we think that’s the best spot in the house. Moreover, we love how the whole compartment is a near-perfect representation of the cable cars down in SF with stickers, sign boards, and all being featured heavily. Apparently, this cable car is from Powell and Hyde, so imagine you’re heading down from Victorian Park to Fisherman’s Wharf while enjoying your meal.

What's On The Menu?

The menu is vegetarian with Italian and Indian cuisine as the staple. Nothing out of the ordinary, the Italian section consists of everything from antipasti to pastas and risottos to pizzas. The Indian menu consists of the usual fare that’s heavily focused on tandoor and Lucknowi style North Indian dishes.

So, We Are Thinking...

While the food doesn’t really blow our mind away, the decor sure does. We’ll definitely go back for that SF view that we dearly love.