Infinity Pools, Cabins& Cicada Lullabies: All At This Eco-Luxe Resort In Coorg

    What Makes It Awesome

    Cobbled stones leading the way, cicadas lulling you to sleep and an infinity pool smack in the centre of the jungles — it’s no dream, it’s just an eco-friendly resort The Ibnii. OK, we won’t lie to you. This place is expensive. But you can’t really put a price tag on paradise, can you? If you want to be hidden away from the rest of humanity (and current events in general) and unwinding in the lap of luxury is the only thing on your agenda, pack your bags and set GPS to Ibnii.

    Make your way past hills and vales of coffee plantations before you find yourself amidst a large lake with a bridge across it, villas with pools and those that remind you of indulgent versions of log cabins.  It was love at first sight for us, when we chanced up the dreamy coffee lounge – Kaldi Kappee. Perched on the lakeside, the glass cabin is our favourite place for the peaceful vibes. But the room isn’t too far in the second spot!

    The wooden cottages are at a height and give the effect of living in a treehouse, but with luxury that we can get used to. Ceiling to floor windows, cosy beds right out of Enid Blyton books, and 40 kinds of birds — that is the life! And if you hear a knock at your door, it might just be the majestic and Malabar Rufus woodpecker.

    If you like the contemporary feel, and a pool at hand, pick the KopiLuwak — exotic and indulgent, like the coffee. Completely eco-friendly but not backing down on the luxe factor, the villas are whitewashed, lead straight out onto a plunge pool and even have a jacuzzi for when you want to up the romance and get steamy.


    For those like me, who love the frills but need their outdoor time too, make sure you go on nature walks the resort offers. We also love ourselves some compassionate fishing here. In fact, it’s got us ‘hooked’! Just sit back on the banks of the lake, engage in banter with your companions and then when the fish bites, enjoy the glory of it before releasing it back into the water. See, all-round eco-friendly. Come on, don’t think of the price, you deserve a break! Also, take us along.

    Covid-19 Update: The resort is now open to guests with all safety measures in place.