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Thom’s For Baked Goodies and Your Weekly Grocery Run

Navya posted on 26 February


The iconic Thom’s Bakery has been dishing out fresh breads, flaky samosas, sweet treats and a whole lot of other bakery products to customers, from near and afar. Plus, local produce and imported goodies from the world over.

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The first thing that greets you at Thom’s is the heady aroma of wafting bakery goodies. It gets your mouth salivating and your tummy rumbling as you make your way past its shutters. Follow your nose, and it will lead you right to the display cases with trays of baked goodies, from creamy pastries and cakes  to their famous plum cake (this is a must try). We also love their blueberry muffins and the gooey, chocolate-coated eclairs.

There’s also freshly baked, milk bread, that’s made in-house. And keeping in mind all the fancy breads that we see in the market today, Thom’s too dishes out reasonably-priced baguettes and loaves of focaccia (they are basic but for that price, you won’t complain much). If you’ve strictly got snacks on your mind, then, try their samosas or their crumbly puffs (available in chicken and vegetarian versions).

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Once you’ve racked up sufficient calories at the bakery section, you can turn your attention to the supermarket. There’s plenty here that you’ll get at your round-the-corner mom-and-pop store but there is plenty that you won’t. You can snap up tinned food (baked beans, tuna, canned fruits), chocolates and candies from all corners of the globe, salad dressings, pasta sauces and pastas. Locally produced cheeses, that aren’t available everywhere, and veggies too find shelf space here.

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