Maple Syrup, Cinnamon And Caramel Ice Cream: It's All Going Down At Waffle Magic

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With a decent selection of waffles, both sweet and savoury, as well as a few refreshing drinks, Waffle Magic is great for a quick snack.

Chow Down

Spicy Chicken Waffle, Green Apple Cinnamon Waffle, Caramel Banana Waffle

Sip On

Lemon Mojito

Winning For

Fast service, decent food and quantities and low prices! Plus, the waffle recipes are egg-free.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Waffle Magic isn’t technically the latest addition to 12th Main’s growing number of restaurants, but it’s definitely an upgraded version of what used to be Waffle House. Despite looking quite small from the outside, it’s pretty spacious inside, and rather well maintained. They don’t have a bathroom, just a hand wash, so maybe don’t order too much to drink?

What's On The Menu

We weren’t too hungry, so my lunch partner and I decided to split a sweet waffle and a savoury waffle. We each ordered a mojito — one peach and one lemon. The lemon flavour was much better than the peach, although both were strangely salty. To start our meal, we ordered a Spicy Chicken Waffle. The waffle itself was decent — it was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside! The chicken well-marinated and flavourful despite being a bit tough. There was also a good assortment of veggies. However, we both felt like the waffle needed a little more sauce as overall the dish was a little dry.

For dessert, we ordered a Green Apple Cinnamon Waffle, which came with a side of cinnamon-maple syrup sauce. Again, the waffle was quite good, and while we wished it had more apple slices, it was overall a delicious dish! The cinnamon-maple sauce was excellent and not at all overpowering or sweet. We also ordered a Caramel Banana Waffle to-go — the waffle didn’t survive the short journey too well and became soggy. However, the caramel ice cream that accompanied it was yummy and creamy with a rich flavour — probably our favourite part of the dish!

So We're Thinking...

While Waffle Magic isn’t our new spot to order lunch from, we’re definitely going to visit once in a while to satiate our sweet tooth {since we preferred the sweet waffles}.