Get Egg-cited Because These Places Serve The Best Egg Dishes In The City!

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A boiled one in the evening or that rushed fry with bread in the morning, a fancy brekkie with some fluffy scrambles or some exotic sweet delights, eggs can just fit in anywhere and we would still love them the same. They make us absolutely eggstatic! Check out the best egg dishes that Chennai has to offer. They are our absolute favourites! 

Scotched Eggs At Pantry D'or

If Pantry D'or reminds you of all things sweet then think again. Apart from all the lovely egg dishes they serve, our pick is their egg benedict. With a meaty moist outer coating and a hidden surprise of boiled egg, it makes for a perfect starter. It might just fill you up if you are having the entire thing by yourself. Served with lettuce and decorated with minty and creamy mayo and mustard, it is a delight in the mouth!

Egg Benedict At Patissez

Englishman in the Tamil land! Try the runny egg benedict at Patissez. It is the perfect recipe for a breakfast go-to with poached eggs topped with creamy avocado, bacon and hollandaise sauce. You will be given toasts with it as well. Besides, Patissez does make sure that their presentation doesn't go unnoticed. 

Omelletes At Raju Omlet

All things fried but with eggs. Raju Omlet serves you the basic omelette in the craziest combinations. You can have your omelettes with a mix of mushroom, cheese, chilli, spinach, chicken or all of them! They also have a variety of recipes of half fried eggs. We love their half fried gravy which tastes heavenly with toasted bread.

Japanese Egg Roll At Fuji

When talking about eggs, we surely cannot leave the Japanese behind. They have the TAMAGO power! Head to Fuji Restaurant and get treated with their traditional tamago (egg) roll. It looks just like a sushi roll but made completely out of eggs. Soft and fluffy, it is one mouthful delight.

Bread Omellete At Marina Beach

Eggs are a tradition by the beach. When you head to the little carts lined along Marina beach, you will realise the pride they have in their eggs. The best version of their eggs is the basic bread-omelette. With mint chutney smeared on the two slices of bread and the springy omelette wrapping the pieces, a bite into it will make the sea viewing all the more special.

Ande Ki Mithai At Basha Halwawala

If you thought caked and pastries are the only desserts made with eggs then let us tell you that from time ancient, we Indians have loved making our sweet eggs since forever! Try the special Ande Ki Mithai at Basha Halwawala in Triplicane and you will know the tradition we are talking about. The tiny place has been around since the 1950s and specialises in making the royal dish. The egg pudding or egg halwa's taste and silky texture will just melt in your mouth.

Kalaki At Madurai Kumar Mess

The egg Kalaki is a favourite in Tamil Nadu and all the more interesting with its runny and fluffy half made omelette style. Head to Madurai Kumar Mess and try their spicy Muttu Egg Kalaki which tastes almost sinful with rasam satham. You can have with simple salt and pepper seasoning too. Your love for it will just increase! 

Egg Bejo At Parry's Corner

The Burmese community in Chennai has given us a lot of prized treats when it comes to food. One of them is the Egg Bejo and you can get them on the streets of Parry's Corner. The dish contains a boiled egg which is half-cut and stuffed with crispy fried masala onions. The spicy and the mouth full of the yolk is one of a kind. You can also try the Egg bejo soup. Warm and homely, we love it having it on a rainy evening. 

Feta And Pesto Scrambled Eggs At Ashvita Bistro

We have another heart brekkie option on the list. If you like your eggs scrambled and beaten then head to Ashvita Bistro! They serve up their scrambled egg mixed with a bed of creamy pesto and feta cheese! Along with that, you will be served buttery toast and sauteed veggies. If you didn't think scrambled eggs could get any creamier then think again.

Spanish Omelette At Sera Tapas And Bar

Is it an omelette or is it a pie? Have a Spanish Omelette at Sera Tapas and Bar. Stuffed with veggies, it is a traditional Spanish dish made with eggs and potatoes. We are sure it will fill you up for the dinner with a glass of yummy cocktail. Who said omelette can only be had for breakfast?

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