Pedal Along Around Town Or Out Of It With These Bicycle Clubs In The City

Cycling is always more fun in a group, so if you’ve recently decided to pick up a cycle and get back to it, do so with these five bicycle clubs across town. Additionally, we recommend that you download this cool app called Strava that lets you track your ride’s distance and location through a map. Dubbed the social network of athletes, it also lets you communicate with Strava users around you. All the major cycling groups in the city use Strava and you should too!

We Are Chennai Cycling Group (WCCG)

WCCG is the second largest cycling group in the city with over 2,500 members on their Strava group. Started in 2012, this group has six separate subgroups for different locales like Anna Nagar, Marina, Tambaram, OMR/ECR, Porur, and Ashok Nagar. They’re a very active group with rides happening four times a week at least, along with separate strengthening and exercises sessions.

Ciclo Café

India’s first cycling café started in Chennai isn’t exactly a bicycle club but a combination of a cycle shop, cycle repair service, café and cyclist networking centre. The one of a kind café has a 400 member following on Strava, with their top members clocking 100’s of kilometres each week.

Casual Dining

Ciclo Cafe


47, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram, Chennai


Tamilnadu Cycling Club

The oldest and arguably the biggest cycling organisation in the city, Tamilnadu Cycling Club has 11,500 members on their Facebook group. One of the advantages of joining such a group in addition to the riding company and sound cycling advise, is that you get to ride with the city’s veterans. 

Madras Mustangs

This club is a group of fitness enthusiasts who come together to use cycling, running, swimming and trekking to stay fit. Cycling is a big part of what they do and if you add them on Strava you’ll have tons of competition for cycling as their members cycle every day and upload their rides on to the app. 

Reaxion Cycling

What started off as a group of friends who would cycle to Mahabs over the weekend has turned in to a 4,500-member strong group of cyclists. They hold events every once in two months and each event is so amazingly organized. Their rides are predominantly along ECR, in the Thiruvanmaiyur to Mahabalipuram stretch, where for a mandatory nominal fee, they have cycle repair support, an ambulance, pit stops every 10km with refreshments and a bike shuttle service back from Mahabs (so that you don’t have to ride back tired!) They’re also super newbie friendly and unlike the other groups offer test rides for new riders looking to get in to cycling.