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Peeps! These Magical Jars Will Make You Look As Pretty As They Do!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you love yourself some pampering (who doesn’t?), we suggest you give a shot to Magical Jar, a Chennai-based natural beauty label offering an enticing mix of head-to-toe beauty products. Packed beautifully in mason jars, the beauty products from this label have become quite popular on Instagram, winning people over with their pretty and claimed-to-be effective products.

    We tried their Theobroma face pack that comes in a 350 ml jar layered with coffee, cocoa which acts as an exfoliant and Fuller’s earth. Smelling simply divine, this left our skin feeling super soft. They also have other variants like No marks face pack and Earth Jar which you can use depending on your requirement and skin type.

    Magical Jar also offers natural facial cleansers, toners that smell really nice and even moisturisers. You can also find body scrubs made with essential oils and kitchen ingredients in flavours like Rose, Tangy, Lemonade Mint Squash and more. Our favourite in this section was the Cotton Candy one that’s suitable for all skin types and comes with rose extracts. Price for this is INR 300.

    We also found hair care products like hair masks, hair serums, beard oil and hair oil at Magical Jar. They also have great foot soaks and foot butter. Their under eye serum is particularly soothing and perfect for treating those screen-tired eyes. You can also find a range of lip scrubs and heavenly-smelling soaps here (our favourite is again the rose one, but you can opt for Watermelon, Aloe Flower), all priced under INR 100. It doesn’t end here.

    Magical Jar's list of products also includes exotic products like bath powders, nail oil, and floral steam which comes with mint leaves, chamomile, rosemary, and rose petals. When inhaled with hot water, this refreshes you instantly and can apparently give you glowing skin if used two-three times a week.


    Make sure you place your order well in advance because they take up to 7 days to deliver. 

      Available Online