Quirky Fridge Magnets & Mini Royal Enfields, This Gift Store Is Lit!


    Nipuna Gifts in T-Nagar has the quirkiest gifting options - pretty dreamcatchers, sassy coffee mugs, they have them all.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Sophisticated showroom, bright lighting, neatly organised shelves, Nipuna Gifts is on point. Especially because of the plethora of options they have.  

    Does your friend like collecting fridge magnets? Then you must get them one from their fridge magnet collection. We first picked the ones that are shaped like tiny plates and cups, which have different emotions on their faces. We then spotted a vintage clock magnet collection and got confused as to which one to pick. There are magnets with sassy words too, like ‘do the walk if you do the talk’. These are priced from INR 200. 

    Looking for a housewarming present? Choose their tiny Ganesha ensembles where each Ganesha is playing a musical instrument. We also like the Ganesha who looks as though he has his thinking cap on. There is also an ensemble of little African babies with different facial expressions. 

    You’ll find miniature Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson, a perfect gift for that bike-crazy friend. Need a wedding gift? Though stereotypical, the pink and blue couple mugs make for a good couple gift! The boy and girl on a swing also make for a mushy gift for your girlfriend. There are tea light holders, tiny lanterns, potli bags, paintings, and dream catchers, too. So, swing by this store to show your special someone how much you love them!