Feel Like Running To The Hills? Do Just That At This 95-Year-Old Rustic Bungalow In Valparai

Sheikalmudi Bungalows

What Makes It Awesome

Life got ya bogged down? Run to the hills and escape all our troubles - and this time run to Valparai. Sheikalmudi Bungalows is a private bungalow homestay practically calling out to you. 

Nestled between trees, grass, birds, and all that’s green, this house in the hills is a perfect place to stay during your next weekend getaway. Sheikalmudi Bungalows also have a splash of history. Built in 1923, this charming colonial home is dripping with rustic vibes. The architecture, sloping tiled roof, chequered floors, and creaky wooden floors are enough to transport you to an older time. The bungalow has three massive bedrooms which can accommodate four people each. 

An aerial shot of Sheikalmudi Bungalows shows that it’s literally in the middle of hills and trees, yay! And we’re totes in love with the dusty black typewriter with emerald green buttons. Once you check-in, clackity clack, get writing! The property is priced at about INR 6000 and includes three meals. Gorge on English breakfasts and South and North Indian food, too. Now that everything’s sorted, get booking! 


The food is made using home-grown ingredients.

Sheikalmudi Bungalows