Pencil Carving, Leaf Art & More: Get Customised Gifts By This Chennai Artist

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What Makes It Awesome

You can get your face printed on almost anything but can you imagine your face being printed onto a leaf, not by ink but embroidered by a thread? Crazy! We thought so too when we saw Sri's Micro Arts' creations online. Run by Sri, an artist who specialises in micro arts and offers her services through her Instagram page, you can get anything from pencil carving to string art done here. 

The most intriguing of all are the variations of pencil carving art Sri does! It's not on paper but a literal wooden pencil which is carved slowly and a scalpel is used to shape the graphite inside. You can get your favourite person's name carved and Sri's Micro Arts will then put them in a transparent glass tube decorated with ribbons. Put a magnet behind and it will be perfect on your fridge! It costs no more than INR 200. 

You can even get idols or shapes carved on the tip of the pencils. They are a real work of art and fit right into your pocket! If your sister loves music, why not get a guitar carved on the pencil tip and give it to her for a memory keepsake? She will adore it as much as we do! You can get these carved in chalks and crayons as well! 

Sri's Micro Arts also does string art. Give a picture of your favourite memory and she will convert that into an intricately embroidered string art for you to keep. Get your nameplate done with threads or get that lovable quote stamped. What we also love are the contrasting colours of the thick threads and the wooden plates that make all the difference. You can even add lights and stars onto the same. You can also get personalised caricatures sketched on dried leaves. Pretty cool, eh? 


All the orders are taken online and the payment is done online as well. There is no option of cash on delivery. You can get simple pop arts and crafts made as well!