This French Paradise In Pondi Is Absolutely Perfect For Solo Time

Le Dupleix

What Makes It Awesome?

I absolutely fell in love with the place as everything from the furniture to the building portrayed the trademark beauty-in-simplicity of French design. Once I entered the premises of Le Dupleix I lost track of time and I did not care. One can not come here and remain uninspired. My favourite moment was when we say in silent letting the calm seep in. My eyes kept going back to the view through the window. It was like being in a classical paradise of sorts! I couldn't help but take out my pocketbook to document the moment lest I forget it. And I never wanted to let go of that blissful feeling I had sensed while there.

What's My Pro Tip?

Sit here for a while. Do not come here to just eat. Live here for a day and savour the feeling of being a part of history. Admire the architecture. Relish their perfectly made delicacies of sea-food. You will come out a whole lot changed and refreshed at the end of it and it will be worth it.

Anything Else?

This place has a rich history of being the house of Dupleix who was made the mayor of all the French colonies in India. He became popular thanks to his business acumen and welfare activities for the natives, however, this also invited the irk of the British nobles as they saw Dupleix as a threat. Despite contributing so much in terms of service and additional territories to the French government, he did not receive any support when he ran into misfortunes in the mid-1800s. Eventually, he died impoverished and wanting. Le Dupleix was his home and one can almost feel those long - forgotten years come back to life while strolling around the place. The high windows had me lost and the views they open up to had me dreaming. The dining area that holds wine and champagne on wooden shelves, their fragrance mixing with the soft French symphonies being played in the background, make sure that one feel love even if for a split second.

Le Dupleix