Unique, Quirky And Meaningful: Many Reasons To Own These Handmade Products

Romanticising handmade products should totally be a profession. A paid one so that we could afford to buy more of them! There is something about handmade goodies that always make it worthy of us rooting for. Is it because of the curated sourcing of raw materials? Or the patience with which they are made? Either way, this list is about all those Chennai-based handmade products that have helped in ethical wealth creation as well as making our day every time we buy them. Enjoy!


There is a long list of handmade jewellery brands based in Chennai that can be an answer to your accessory fantasies. Check out Serendip Boutique for semi-precious, boho and animal-bone collection of neck chains that are made by Srilankan women refugees. If you are into beaded jewellery, check out Sreevee Handmade Jewellery that has a striking collection of Agate beads matched with oxidised silver. You can go through their collection of bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Anika Handcrafted will spruce up your assemblage with their terracotta, oxidised silver and fabric collection that are quirky yet traditional looking. You can even get nose pins for INR 50 from this brand. For contemporary, ethnic jewellery, glance through Thulika's work that gives a bold, vibrant statement to your collection. We adore their traditional, beaded chokers. Oh, and if you are someone who might enjoy watching their jewellery glow at night, check out GlowArtz. Love paper jewellery? We have a list of amazing startups that make them!


Ah, our favourite section! There are plenty of handmade stationery brands that do a phenomenal job and we are almost nervous about missing a few out. Check out Abhyas if you want to extend your love for fabric to journals too. Citta has an impressive collection of 125+ journal designs and they are all bound with jute rope. Malavika's Ikat print journals are as amazing too. Plantcil makes seed pencils and pens to do their bit for the environment and so does Everwards India. Don't miss skimming through Callidsign, where we found dreamy-looking, hand-painted postcards, calendars, greeting cards and more. Tropical floral motifs FTW! If marbelling piques your interest, check out spiral-bound notepads from Andalt.


No matter how many MKs and Guccis you own, a complete, fulfilling bag-collection is the one that consists of a couple of quirky, handmade pieces. We recommend Thaiyyal and Sura Kanavu for Ikat and Kalamkari lovers and SriRang for quirky, vibrant ones. Shop on LBB from brands like Kiesha (we love their laptop bags with stripes) and Artklim (have you checked out their Frida Kahlo sling bag yet?). Subr Studio has highly durable bucket bags and Yellow Bag Foundation, which is based in Madurai sells eco-friendly, upcycled bags (backpacks, laptop cases, pouches, return gift bags and more) which are made by members of disadvantaged communities.


Slow, ethical fashion is the way forward! Check out Bhandej that celebrates artisans and where you can choose from handcrafted, sustainable skirts, saris, dresses, shirts, scarves, blouses and tunics. For naturally tied and dyed scarves that come in hues of green, yellow and pink, hit up Andalt. For traditionally woven saris in silk, tussar, chinnalapattu and more, Margazhi is one of the best labels you will come across. From coarse linen-cotton saris in natural yarn to high-end khadi dresses, versatile pants and more- Nool By Hand is on a mission to make the livelihood of handloom weavers based in Erode better whilst adding to the class of our wardrobe.



City Centre, G-22, 186, Purasawalkam High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai



Indulging in some serious toy-collection can be a worthwhile hobby. Ever wondered what happens to the electronic gadgets we dispose? DP's laboratory tries to create awareness about e-waste by making cutesy little bots, key chains and bookmarks from upcycled electronic disposals that they source from local kabaddiwallas. Next time you go to Grand Square Mall, don't miss stepping into Hastshilp for anything. They have an extensive collection of wooden toys and we feel that you will definitely pick a handful.  For fabric board games, be sure to check out Pachisi and for adorable Tanjavur thalaiaatti bommai, check out House Of Megumi. If you are into miniature art, Musa will blow your mind with their pencil carvings.


Homepreneurs are ruling this market and making sure they add their grandmothers' secret recipe (apart from love) to the skin care products they make. Magical Jar, Sugarmyylove and Vilvah are some of the popular, homegrown brands and have amazing reviews for their soaps, hair oil, moisturizers, lip balms, scrubs and more. Swatcha sells refreshing under eye cream and we adore Rain Touch Soap's soaps that are made fully with mango butter. They look very interesting too (take the case of their beach soap for instance). Amaara makes incredibly effective (subjective) body crubs and face masks in flavours like tender coconut, green gram and basil. Bubble Boat, Yes Organics, Palash Diyas & Bath Boutique, House Of Ilaa and Bottled Bliss are some more recommendations we got for you.

Candles & Perfumes

We put these two in the same category because we hold both responsible to make ourselves and our homes smell like a dream. Yours Fragrantly makes artisanal candles that are pretty high-end and Unique Touch Candles sell everything from normal white candles,  jar candles, floating candles to designer candles, muffin candles and scented ones. Perfume lovers! You GOTTA experience making your own perfumes that match your personality type with Ensens. Their Maliblu, an ocean-themed flavour made of muck, vanilla bean, bergamot and peach is our favourite. Ura is another home-grown perfume brand that makes kids-friendly perfumes in flavours like chocolate, coffee and mint. They are vegan too!

Home Decor

This is yet another vast area. To feel 'at home', we sure require some decor that we know were made with love, no? Check out Hastshilp for wooden handicraft wall hangings and Wild Rose on Bawa Road to witness some of the classiest-looking wall mirrors. Studio Takshak is the brand you can go to for high-end, artisanal home decor and furniture. Nith sells sharp-looking plant pots and The Palette upcycles old glass bottles to give them a new life as a decoupage accessory. And finally, we recommend Warpworks for boho dreamcatchers that come with glass beads yarn, jute, feathers, silk and even wood! 

Which is your most-treasured handmade belonging? Let us know in the comments section below :)

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