Embrace The Cold & Head To These 12 Hill Stations In Tamil Nadu This Summer

The wrath of the sun is upon us in Chennai almost all year round, and we’re all trying to do those little weekend getaways to escape the heat. We have rounded up 12 best hill stations in the state that look completely out of the world with their misty hills and serene greenery. Choose any (or all) of these cold hill stations in Tamil Nadu to visit!


Think hill station and you’re bound to think Ooty. Known as the “Queen Of Hills”, Ooty is filled with green hills, rivers and lakes, and the best walking trails. You can cosy up in a cabin up in Ooty and click the best panoramic views for Instagram! With drizzles of rain, the ideal time to visit the place is from October to July as monsoons are ready to make their way away from it and you can roam the place in peace. The temperatures from March to May can go up to 30 degrees in the day time. Click here to read about some of the offbeat things that you can do!


One of the most well-known and commercial hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is filled with beautiful imagery. Right from red and pink flowers in the botanical gardens to hill-side campfires and cottages, Kodai should be on your vacay bucket list. From scenic valleys to lakes, it is what Pinterest dreams are made of. You can check out zostel Kodaikanal which offers cosy stay and amidst the greenery to die for. The best time to visit would be summer months of April and May with breezy and pleasant weathers. 


If you’re looking for a hill station in Tamil Nadu that’s not as cold as Ooty (but colder than Chennai), head to Yercaud. Filled with the freshest coffee and tea plantations, Yercaud is perfect for a weekend getaway and you can pick juicy pears and oranges off trees! You can hike, swim, and cycle here and Yercaud has got rustic waterfalls as well. The best time to head to the place during the summer from March to June. you can even attend the 7-days summer festival here if you head in the middle of May. The place with be filled with flowers and fairs!


 Located just 30 minutes from Dindigul, Sirumala is for those looking for a less-commercial hill station in Tamil Nadu will fewer crowds. Sirumalai has a bunch of hills, perfect for hiking and trekking, and it’s perfect for a low-key summer vacation where all you want to do it laze around and witness dreamy sunrise and sunsets. The best time to visit the hill station is during the winter months from October to January. It makes for a good cool time for treks!


With the word “malai” (hill) literally in the name, Meghamalai is one of Tamil Nadu’s proudest hill stations with various unexplored trails and forests. Meghamalai is for the nature lovers and the perfect place to spot wildlife right from deer and nilgai to birds. Head to Meghamalai to take those awesome Instagram selfies and chase butterflies. Winters are the best time to visit Meghamalai from November to February when the temperature doesn't go beyond 30 degrees. 


Holiday in secluded forests amidst valleys and hills at Yelagiri, which is one of the best hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Here, you can wake up to the prettiest sunrise, explore local plantations, and engage in adventure, hiking, swimming, and rock climbing. Clean roads and green sides, the best time to head here is during the monsoon time when the greens are shining for than usual. However, the months do make it difficult to roam around the place and trekking can be dangerous hence you can head in the summer months of April and May when the weather is a little more pleasant.


Located in the Nilgiris, Kotagiri is a lesser-known hill station in Tamil Nadu which holds some of the best greenery in the state. Watch the sunrise, chill by a stream, camp out on the mountain, and get lost in nature at Kotagiri. This place makes for a good monsoon trek place during the rainy months of June to September where the greenery is just refreshing. If you want to experience a getaway from the heat then head during the months of March to May when the temperatures don't go beyond 30 degrees.

Javadi Hills

Home to tribal communities and covered by forests and fields, Javadi Hills is an ideal weekend getaway. This hill station is perfect for road trips and has the vantage points to make you look #SunKissed. If you want to experience the greenery, you should head during the month of October when the monsoons have just left the place and chill of the winter is setting in. The greens will be the brightest to walk around in!

Kolli Hills

One of the underrated summer destinations, Kolli Hills definitely makes it to the best hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Located just an hour from Salem, Kolli Hills has the tallest trees and scenic canopies as well as a huge waterfall, the Agaya Gangai falls. Spot rare bird species and elephants here and make your summer vacay unforgettable. The best time to visit are the summer and winter seasons while monsoons get really wet and slippery to check out anything around. The summer months of April and May have very breezy weather and make for a perfect walk around. 


Valparai is located in the middle of Annamalai Tiger Reserve. Yes, if you take special permission, they will take you on a guided tour to spot tigers!  While there isn't much to do in the town, if you are a nature lover then you will love the lush greenery and quiet bird coos. They are home to Chinnakar Falls which is known to be the second-highest rainfall area in the country. Clean and green air, the best time to visit is during the months of March to May, when the summer is just setting in and flowers are at their brightest.

Palani Hills

Located in the western ghats region of Tamil Nadu, Palani Hills are located amidst the Palani Hills wildlife sanctuary. That means, apart from the green serenity you will see around, you can always spot deer and foxes! The place is amazing for bird watching and the hills offer a thrilling trek for adventure seekers. If you like a little drizzle, you can head there during the month of October. You can trek to the temple on the top! 


Located yet again in Nilgiris, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in Tamil Nadu and is just an hour and a half drive from Ooty. The hustle is lesser than Ooty's and you can hear the gush of waterfalls on your way. You can also take the toy train to enjoy the forests or walk around the sweet-smelling tea gardens of the town. Some home many viewpoints, the place is absolutely heavenly and instagrammable! The best time to visit is during the months of April and May when the heat of the main city rises. You can even head in October if you enjoy slight drizzles on your hike.